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Blood Bowl: The Sheogorad Saints

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I've taken a first step toward actually playing some Blood Bowl this year: I've painted my team. I introduced my team earlier ; I'll be playing Dark Elves, with an all-positions roster. The models are a Wicked Elf gridiron team from Shadowforge Miniatures, via Eureka Miniatures . They're not the most elaborately detailed models, but I think they've got a lot of character and are just plain fun, and hey, this is Blood Bowl. Here they are! ** Also, a stands update! First of all, from Bad Squiddo Games , the wonderful Time for Beer and Women's Land Army Picnic . Here they are in the stands: It's not very crowded yet, but we'll soon fix that! ** From Eureka Miniatures , we have their African Mob : ** Speaking of Eureka, their gracious gift of a complementary Frog Standard Bearer led to us shopping at Dark Sword Miniatures , because their Critter Kingdoms line has an absolutely splendid Frog Bishop . The good people at Dark Sword also very kindly sent us a complimentary birdman from their DiTerlizzi Masterworks line; here they are! And this is them in the stands: the bishop being attended by his fasces bearer, and the birdman stoically enduring the beastman superfans. ** So here we are: I have a team, and I have more folks in the stands. We'll see if I can squeeze in a game at some point!

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