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Beatles is awesome

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i realised spiders could come in from the airvent in the bathroom. damn what an idiot i am! of course! it just needed some thin mesh on top. doctor arranged it. i thought about wireless headphones . specifically the Urbanista Stockholm in black . but 3 hour battery life? meh. and in the end its just another thing to charge. so many cables around...  so maybe later but not now. edit: when i talked to doctor he reminded me we have (he has) these Jaybird headphones . they are connected by a cable which is perfect cos that actually seems a bit safer, somehow. and he is not using them anymore, so i will try them. i have a feeling its not my thing but why not give a go... in the flat buying front not much has moved, again. we are waiting for a report from our solicitor but i think she was on leave this week or something. they are the only ones who are never in a hurry, people say. and im starting to believe it. i mean they seem nice enough so far actually, but for someone impatient like me this is "slightly unacceptable". but i am aware that it's not out of the ordinary and if i live here i better just accept things or else i am the one who suffers anyway. to be honest there have been days i didnt even remember the flat, so i am doing pretty well, not stressed really. what sometimes stresses me is friends asking "soooo how it it going with the flat?". of course they are just being interested which is like, showing affection, and i appreciate it. and ive had a couple years to digest the fact that it takes months here. i might have just mentioned it to friends off hand months ago and why would they remember, its is pretty f*d up anyway that buying a property would take months?  the tenant in my helsinki flat gave notice a week ago so i had to start looking for a new one. since im going to helsinki next week it would be the best time for me to get to do something myself - instead of asking friends - so im trying to arrange the switch for around those days (the current tenant is eager to leave earlier too). but thats put some more pressure on me of course. i first tried facebook, i had friends share the post about the flat too. i got a few messages but unfortunately none were suitable for practical reasons, and one had a very bad credit record. i felt bad for him but i cant really take the risk so i passed. so i then had to post an ad online. that brought on tons of inquires so it was positive. im now trying to arrange a viewing to move things forward...  the positive problem will now be who to pick from the many very good candidates. it feels cruel to decide who is the right person cos i have these soft spots for expats and immigrants etc...   but i try to remind myself all these people will find a place most likely, they wont be homeless or something. i just have to think what's best for me as well which seems selfish. it's easier when a friend recommends someone, i like that much better. got this book last week also, Alan Richardson's Dear Evil Tester . lighthearted but still interesting. me and doctor went to see Yesterday at the cinema. great feel good film although the ending was just too easy and mushy. Soydan & Kayhan were here yesterday. just a chill night. Kayhan recommended Michael Sandel's course about the philosophy of justice and his book (Justice). we watched one youtube clip and it seemed super interesting and i ordered the book immediately. as if that wasnt enough i went to the local 2nd hand book shop today and got another Oliver Sacks book. On the positive, I also donated 4 books to them, i dont want them to go out of business. i dont presume i can t really save the world but sometimes i want to try anyway. some 'sould laundering' after ordering a book from Amazon eh? Pop Brixton about a week ago.

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