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Mom and Daughter adventuring:

End of our lovely trip <3

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On Wednesday we did trip to Sagres, by public transport. First we had to walk to main road, Coudn't find busstop there, so we walk about 1km main road to the Sagres direction. We missed one bus 'cos didnt know where the busstop really is.. When we came back, and got to right bus stop, so we saw it bus sign was in the middle of one tree... About 50 meter to the Lagos direction. It was something big, that one. Strange feeling. On thursday just basic Burgau day, like beach and smoothies. We ate at Matias, thinking its nice to go there, cos Emilys boyfriend is Mattias. Food and Service was great.  Friday we used public buslines to Faro, and did some shopping. One night at 3K near the airport. Excellent hotel, really... Wifi allso in your room.

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