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Mom and Daughter adventuring:


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Ok,  We could say that Dusseldorf's airport toilets are not in the best condition. Three times we visited and every time Emily get the broken one- first it was lock, second it was full of paper/not functioning and third one did not have 'plastic'cover just pure porsline. So she change to my perfectly functioning toilets... Quite funny situaton, spesially the third one...  When having some lunch at some streetfood restaurant Emily said again one perfect impression... Make me think, do young women ever want children...  She was looking around and just said shortly with quite  laconic way "Why all the young fathers with small children look like "I wanna kill myself" serms that nothing is fun anymore, and they are looking around, like missing something fun" All of them. Hmm. Well, it was nice time at airport. Nice to be together, talk. At the flight this young artist did some editing, while mom was enjoying watching her and tasting some german vine ... Turtur turtur turtur. Writing this and editing  photos.

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