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Mom and Daughter adventuring:

On the way

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7:40  was time for our first flight, Finnair, and third plane was good enough to go, so we were a little bit late. Time was something over 9. But it doesnt matter, I got to sleep and Emily made some editing. She's  youtuberer :D. She and her sister has own channel, and nowadays quite many videos there too. Check this one out:  http://youtu.be/xex7WDErLLw Next stop is at Dusseldorf, few hours there. Then heading to Faro. Now at plane, Emily and I are good sleepers during the flight The time has changed, how to buy on English-something dictionary. Now I did it at airport, just loading to Iphone. Yes have done that now quite often, but the thing is, that was our one thing to do at our trips... Find  bookstore etc. 

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