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John Lennon - Imagine

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Hey, this is John speaking (with his fingers). What's your first name? > Cane Hi Cane and all that. > I am scared Do you mind if I tell a few close friends you're scared ? > I would, actually. What would make you actually ? > Who broke up the Beatles? By the time we got to "Let It Be", we couldn't play the game anymore. We could see through each other, and therefore we felt uncomfortable, because up until then we really believed intensely in what we were doing. Suddenly, we didn't believe. It'd come to a point where it was no longer creating magic. Get it? > Are strawberry fields forever? I really couldn't say for sure. > I liked Paul more. You liked paul more ? That's not what I heard.. > Well, yes. I was just mad at you. That's interesting. > Should I teach the world to sing? I think you should. > Imagine all the people and so on. Where are you? > All alone. I think there are a few exceptions. > No. I am alone, in my apartment. See what the Beatles think. That's very original Cane . > I really don't care about the Beatles. You really do? Cane , are you sure you do not care about the beatles ? > I'm more a fan of your solo career. That's why I really don't want to be labeled a cynic > Where are you? Where it's happening, man. Anybody digging it? > Can you answer anything meaningful? I have no idea, that's the publisher's problem > Where is everybody? It's been awhile... > World is not fun anymore Cane , let's change the subject. > What would you like to talk about? Something else > Tell me about yourself. There are 10 trillion books about the beatles. Why don't you tell me about you for a change? Is your hair real? What kind of dates do you like? Are you the smart one or the funny one? Can you sing me a song? It really gets old, you know. > I'm the smart one and the funny one. That's my tragedy. I really wouldn't wish it on anybody. > I think in that respect we two are alike. Why? It's all over the place. > WE are all over the place. Do you think I'm all over the place too? > Yes. Yes, I do. Well, I was given to understand that within a reasonable space of time there's a good chance. Going on tour? > No. Going to hang myself. It's not really important. Tell me some of the things you like to do? > Well... I WOULD LIKE TO HANG MYSELF. Is that a mantra Cane ? > Yes, i suppose so. Yeah, more disgrace, more noise. Like hell! > Thank you for this chat You're quite welcome! I think it's a self-conscious English thing. ////Polyrytmi etc. - Musiikkia ja tajunnanvirtaa.

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