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Livescribe Pulse Echo Smartpen Review

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The Echo is a refinement of the original Pulse. It is slimmer, and doesn’t quite look like one of those metal cigar containers. It has twice the memory of my original smartpen. The price has come down over the years significantly making an investment in a smartpen even more attractive. I use my pen to record initial client interviews as well as depositions. I am able using the Livescribe Desktop software to export a recording to a CD and send it to a client to here. However the best feature is its “point and play” technology which allows me to listen selectively to a recording on my pen by touching a word in my notes. The audio immediately syncs to the part of the conversation and has a five second “skip back/skip forward” feature to account for slow writers like me. I can also listen later to my notes and add additional points of interest. RELATED: Formlabs Form 2 Review Audio fidelity is amazingly good. The pen has settings for different environments like lectures or office meetings. Even if you just use the default settings you will be pleased with the output. Besides being thinner, the new Echo no longer … The post Livescribe Pulse Echo Smartpen Review appeared first on Luksus Blog .

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