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DigiMemo L2 Review

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In this fast paced world, I need lots of gadgets to cope up and be at par with everyone. One new device that I recently came across and fell in love with is the DigiMemo L2. It has digital storage capacity wherein I can write, draw on regular paper and later on analyses, amend, arrange and share it in Windows. Now, how neat is that? Well, I know it sounds a little confusing as to how a data written on paper can be transferred in Windows. The key to this mystery is the powerful and unforgettable DigiMemo L2 that has a writing function that instantly synchronizes what is written on the paper with the digital page software installed in PC. At the same time, it also functions as a USB tablet. Using it is as simple as writing with a pen and paper.  All I needed to do was to place an ordinary paper on the digital notepad and write with a digital inking pen that comes with the kit . Whatever I write on the notepad gets immediately recorded in the built-in 32 MB digital storage device. It also has an expandable storage capacity by an optional Secure Digital … The post DigiMemo L2 Review appeared first on Luksus Blog .

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