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Karate-do - My Way of Life

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The topic of this post is borrowed from the book by Gichin Funakoshi , father of Shotokan-school of karate, who is also considered to be a "father of modern karate". While I don't agree with that completely - I would rather put that label on Sokon Matsumura , who practically built the framework for the current popularity of karate and set the roots for Shorin-ryu -family of karate - I think that Funakoshi's ideological approach and work in Japan did make it possible for karate to spread internationally to the extent we see it nowadays. I'll have to admit - if there weren't Funakoshi, most of us karateka wouldn't train karate nowadays. I chose the topic for a reason. I am a karateka and, currently, it is my defining hobby. Yes, a hobby - not a "way of life" in a sense that many would see the idea, i.e. as a total, defining frame for life and everything. I think that hobby is maybe even more deep thing than that. Way of life is something that forces us, something that dictates the way we live. Hobby, then, is something we keep voluntarily and cherish. It doesn't force us to do anything and if it isn't good, it'll be left away. Now, karate has been an active part of my life for seventeen years already - if it wasn't good, I would have left it away. People also know me as a karateka - I'm a pretty well known and widely known figure in Finnish (and even international) martial arts circles nowadays. I enjoy training and teaching. It's fair to say that my chosen hobby can be seen as a presentation of me - the values, ideas and other things I see to be important and worthy. My other defining hobby, as some of you have read from this journal, was snowboarding. It's a some kind of opposite to karate - it's extreme freedom and lack of rules set a stark contrast to karate's formality and cultural aspects. Sadly, snowboarding is nowadays at bay, waiting for me to get back into it again. I guess I'll have to do that soon - it gave my life balance (pun intended) in many ways. Training, overall, reflects my feelings and life. When my life is blue and I feel unenergetic, that shows in my karate. When I feel manic, my karate looks very perky and almost insane - even when going through set patterns and practices. There just is some weird part of randomness in it. I did feel like that last Friday. My day was weird - I had this almost bohemian kind of feeling all the time. A constant grin to my face, showing out the side of me that isn't usually present, the day was weird. My karate had this "ha, gotcha, look what I can do!" -tune on it, having deeper stances and definitely weirder approach than, well, pretty much ever. My teaching methodology also was a bit quirky - I did let my student knock me out (thigh kick) just for the purpose of him learning how to kick. I tried to put some contact to people's approach (and give them some contact). Although a bit unorganized and freaky (by its content), the session was very good.      The bohemian feeling continued after the training class. One of my friends had send me an SMS earlier and inviting me for a night out in the city. I agreed and, well, we had some very good time. Discussing, mental (and probably physical) shoulder slapping, bragging and praising and other Man Stuff (tm), accompanied by rather bohemian (the word again) amounts of C 2 H 6 O. While I am not a supporter of heavy drinking (and certainly do see no benefits in alcoholism), these trips occasionally have a good effect on me. Saturday, then, was an official unproductive day. Now it's relatively early Sunday morning. I'm listening to Last.fm (it finally has caught my taste for music rather well) and doing some laundry. It feels like a good day in the making. Later, I'll go to see Eragon with Hanna. I expect to see a basic adventurous fantasy movie with a script that has been made out of cliche's. I think I'm in a perfect mood for a such thing right now.      I also think that I'll have to read the Earthsea-series - and all the good fantasy and SciFi titles I have read - again. And maybe find some other fantasy books as well. Here be dragons!

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