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Resume Kuliah Pertama - Senin Siang (RK B1-C2)

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Nadya Fitriyah (A24150139) Department of Agronomy and Horticulture ( http://agrohort.ipb.ac.id ) Faculty of Agriculture ( http://faperta.ipb.ac.id ) Bogor Agricultural University ( www.ipb.ac.id ) Consumer Behavior Class - IKK 233 Department of Family and Conumer Sciences ( www.ikk.fema.ipb.ac.id ) College of Human Ecology ( www.fema.ipb.ac.id ) Bogor Agricultural University ( www.ipb.ac.id ) Lecturer : Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, M.Sc Dr. Ir. Lilik Noor Yuliati, MFSA Ir. Retnaningsih, M.Si Ir. M. D. Djamaludin, M.Sc  Dr Ir Megawati Simanjuntak, MS Text book : Sumarwan U.  Perilaku Konsumen: Teori dan Penerapannya dalam Pemasaran . Jakarta (ID): PT Ghalia Indonesia. Resume Monday on 7th September,  I attended the first consumer behavior class taught by Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan, M.Sc. Professor Ujang asked us 'what do you know about a consumer?', each student must answered the question should be different answer with the other friends. There is many answer, for example. Consumer is a king, price taker, user product, and many more.  According Shiffman and Kanuk (2010) in Sumarwan (2011), consumer behavior is the behavior shown by consumers in finding, purchasing, using, evaluating, and spent product and services which they expect will satisfy their needs. Meanwhile, according to Sumarwan (2010), consumer behavior is all the activities, actions, as well as the psychological processes that drive those actions in the moments before buy, when to buy, use, spend, spend your products and services after doing the above things or activities evaluated. Important dimensions of consumer behavior is the motivation or reason for the consumer to use a particular product. Consumer behavior has several stages before the consumer makes a decision to buy a good and service. Stages of consumer decision models include the introduction of needs, information search, alternative evaluation, purchasing, and ultimately achieving customer satisfaction. Consumer behavior is influenced by various factors such as environmental factors, social, cultural, economic level, age, and others. There is some theory which support consumer behavior. One of them is Maslow's theory, explaining about stages of the consumer need to buy a product. But this theory has many shortcomings.  How to meet the needs, there are two types: 1. Generic goals: the general category of goals is seen as a way to meet the needs. 2. Specific goods: products or services of a particular brand chosen by consumer’s goals. Thank you

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