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MAC SPRING 2017 | Work It Out Collection*

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' Stimulate your senses with a collection where high-performance colour meets the art of fitness. ' Lipstick | In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara | Studio Quiktrik Stick | Chromagraphic Pencil | Crystal Glaze Gloss Last week, MAC launched Work It Out - a playful and fun collection featuring electric shades for Spring 2017! Everything from packaging to product shades are bright and eccentric - it's definitely screaming 80's vibes!  IN EXTREME DIMENSION LASH MASCARA   ($19.50 USD) Abs of Steel | fuchsia pink Cool Down | bright violet purple Energized | bright yellow Feel My Pulse | blackened blue red Gym Dandy | rich denim blue Heart Rate's Rising | rich red Hold for 10 | bright cobalt blue Hottie with a Body | bright lime green Muscle Tee | pure white No Pain, No Gain | green with slight blue undertone Sky is the Limit | pastel bright blue sky Spin & Twist | forest green Squat It Sugar | rich cool brown Sweaty Betty | bluish green Warm Up | orange with reddish undertone Well Toned | rich plum purple CRYSTAL GLAZE GLOSS   ($22 USD) Flex Appeal | deep violet Ripped | red cherry Sixxx Pack | bubble gum pink Nice Cheeks | soft peach Oh My Lunge | sheer cool baby pink Love Your Body | coral pink STUDIO QUIKTRIK STICK  ($34 USD) Here You Go/All Aflush | berry/rose with copper sparkle Soft Side/A Latte Sheen | coral/gold Whiff of Pink/Softly Does It | pink/silver LIPSTICK  ($17 USD) Bi-ceptual | nude beige (lustre) Relentlessly Red | bright pinkish coral matte (retro matte) Muscu-linity | soft brown (lustre) Testosterone | mid-tone rose (lustre) CHROMAGRAPHIC PENCILS ($17 USD) Primary Yellow | bright, clean yellow Genuine Orange | bright orange Process Magenta | matte magenta Rich Purple | dense purple Marine Ultra | bright naval blue Landscape Green | lush, bright green PREP+PRIME FIX+/SIZED TO GO ($12 USD) Coconut Rose Lavender SHOP THE POST *Samples were sent to me courtesy of MAC Cosmetics for editorial and review purposes. Any opinions are my own.

Avainsanat: 2017 body blue betty beige baby clean cherry brown bright forest fitness extreme electric denim deep colour collection coconut performance pain orange nude muscle me mascara marine mac lipstick lime lavender latte it gym glaze gain steel soft sky shop shades sent rose review purple product process pink makeup collection you yellow ultra tee sugar studio