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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Beauty Addict Part 2

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As a beauty enthusiast, it's fun to try new brands and products! If you're still seeking the perfect gift for your beloved beauty junkie, here's a few more unique picks for you to shop from! 1 | 2 | 3 1. Kusco - Murphy   is an Australian hair care brand using only organic and vegetarian with all of their packaging made from recyclable materials. Beach Hair ($36.00 U.S.D) gives hair texture and body. ‘Beach Hair’ may be used on damp or dry hair to create messy sexy hair with the added benefit of essential oils.  Dry Leave-In ($39.00 U.S.D) is a reconditioning treatment to nourish your hair daily, and for processed, dry and frizzy hair. It is oil-free which makes it excellent for all hair types. Setting Lotion ($38.00 U.S.D) acts as a volumizer to add strength and shine. It is effective for keeping hair straight when blow waving. 2. JOICO  or K-PAK Duo, includes a shampoo and matching conditioner (10.1 oz ea). Available in 8 regimens to make every mane on your list healthy and happy from root to tip! 3. Philosophy  is the well being beauty brand that inspires women to look, live and feel their best. There's a variety of gifts and sets available for all budget ranges ($8.00 - $82.00 U.S.D).  Gift and Give back this holiday season with philosophy – 1% of all philosophy USA net product sales supports community-based mental health efforts.  For more gift ideas, check out my Holiday Gift Guide series here !

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