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Olen suomalainen

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Olen suomalainen. Tatu Sinisalo as the young Kari Tapio at a dance pavilion in the countryside in the 1960s. Please click on the images to enlarge them. Olen suomalainen. Matti Ristinen (Kari Tapio), Tiina Lymi (Pia Viheriävaara). Mitt hjärta är finskt.     FI © 2018 Solar Films. PC: Solar Films / Nummela Films. EX: Joona Jalkanen. P: Markus Selin, Jukka Helle. D: Aleksi Mäkelä. SC: Marko Leino, Tomi Tuikkala. DP: Pini Hellstedt F.S.C. AD: Pirjo Rossi. Cost: Anu Pirilä. Makeup: Laura Rantaniemi. M: Lasse Sakara, Kalle Chydenius. S: Jyrki Rahkonen. ED: Kimmo Taavila.     C: Matti Ristinen (Kari Tapio), Tiina Lymi (Pia Viheriävaara), Tatu Sinisalo (young Kari), Talvikki Eerola (young Pia), Iikka Forss (Danny), Ilkka Heiskanen (Ilkka Vainio), Aake Kalliala (Toivo Kärki), Joni Leponiemi (Reijo Taipale), Mikko Töyssy (Fredi), Mikko Kouki (Veikko Samuli), Joanna Haartti (Chrisse Johansson), Sakari Kuosmanen (Pussinen).     Songs include: – "Olen suomalainen" ("L'italiano", 1983, comp. Toto Cutugno, lyr. Cristiano Minellono, arr. Pinuccio Pirazzoli, perf. Toto Cutugno), 1983 Finnish lyr. Raul Reiman, arr. Kaj Westerlund, perf. Kari Tapio. – "Myrskyn jälkeen" (1995, comp. Veikko Samuli, lyr. + perf. Kari Tapio).     Premiere: 13 Sep 2019, distributor: Nordisk Film, Swedish subtitles, rated K12, 113 min     Viewed at Kinopalatsi 2, Helsinki, 13 Sep 2019 Kari Tapio (1945-2010) was one of the most popular Finnish singers, a hard-touring performer and recording artist during six decades. He sang pop hits and iskelmä (schlager) songs. He can be compared with the grittier of the chanson singers, or country and western singers such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristoffersson. In the 1950s and the 1960s his models included Tapio Rautavaara and Elvis Presley. A major fan of Kari Tapio was Peter von Bagh who wrote a four-page eulogy to the Iltalehti newspaper. Quentin Tarantino lamented in the 1990s the predictable rise and fall formula of pop biopics. After the rise to stardom through overwhelming hardships follows an inevitable descent into drug abuse or similar. Finnish pop biopics (there are many, they are popular) are no different, and neither is Olen suomalainen [I'm a Finn]. The hallmark of Finnish biopics is that the fall is usually due to alcoholism, like here. In Timo Koivusalo's Rentun ruusu (2001) about Irwin Goodman (Antti Hammarberg) the fall was so spectacular that the film was quasi an epic about alcoholism, and there was an unforgettable performance by Martti Suosalo in the leading role. There is a similar aspect in Olen suomalainen, directed with an assured touch by Aleksi Mäkelä. In both Rentun ruusu and Olen suomalainen the psychotic and self-destructive dimension of alcoholism is met with startling directness. There is in the despair and the death drive something more than a private agony. There can be no simple explanation to the dark enigma. I offer only one clue: both Irwin Goodman and Kari Tapio grew up during the "big move" of Finland, the belated industrialization and urbanization of Finland in the 1960s. People of this generation were children of soldiers. Their parents were traumatized by wars. It is extremely difficult and usually impossible for an actor to convey the charisma of a legendary performer, but Matti Ristinen rises to the occasion as Kari Tapio. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about impersonators of Tapio Rautavaara and Danny in this film. Almost all characters are real. A special distinction is the attention given to gatekeepers of the music industry: producers and impresarios such as Toivo Kärki, Chrisse Johansson and Harry Orvomaa. A particularly memorable scene is the devastating diagnosis given by Toivo Kärki to the young Kari Tapio about the inadequacy of his voice. (Kari then took voice lessons with the best teachers). It's a true story, it's a love story, it's a survival story. Although Kari Tapio never doubts his talent, he loses hope after too many crushing rejections by the music industry. But his wife Pia never loses hope, although Kari repeatedly succumbs to alcoholism. The solution: the Kari Tapio act becomes a family affair. Tiina Lymi is convincing in the essential role as the undaunted Pia. Kari Tapio's signature song "Olen suomalainen" ("I'm a Finn") that gave the name to this movie is based on Toto Cucugno's hit "L'italiano". Both are parodies about national stereotypes, yet sincere about core values. Mika Kaurismäki in his film Rosso (1985) staged a bilingual a cappella scene where both versions are sung by Kari Väänänen as the Italian mafioso Rosso and Martti Syrjä as his Finnish buddy. The Finnish lyrics are about a people whose tears could create many oceans (referring to a popular tango phrase), where many are lonely but forbidden love abounds, where life is full of hard work but seldom rewarded with success. Nevertheless the singer sings about love, perseverance and friendship that defies death and authority. We fight an uphill battle, although around the bend we observe that it was not worth the effort. It's a gritty and stoic song in its Finnish version, with affinities with c&w classics. Another Kari Tapio signature song is "Myrskyn jälkeen" ("After the Storm"), written by himself. The captain-singer has wandered on the high seas alone far too long, but having lost his direction too many times and survived a storm he realizes that nobody can last alone. The film can be seen as an illustration of both songs. The private drama is about a terrible father rescued by his loving wife and three sons. But it seems Kari Tapio was rescued also as a singer and performer by his supportive family. Astoundingly, after the grind of many decades of exhausting tour life, Kari Tapio's voice kept getting better. It was a weathered voice full of grit, experience and tenderness. He sang from the heart, with his full being, and audiences knew that they were getting the real thing. American and international aficionados of country & western music, also fans of the original "L'italiano" song, might find this Finnish biopic rewarding. Olen suomalainen Elokuva Kari Tapion elämästä Elokuva on tarina elämää suuremmasta rakkaudesta, unelmien tavoittelusta ja taistelusta musiikkibisneksen koneistoa vastaan. Se kertoo itsensä voittamisesta ja elämän pettymyksistä. Ennen kaikkea tämä elokuva on kuitenkin tarina selviytymisestä. Kaiken keskiöstä löytyy ujo savolaispoika, josta lopulta kasvoi koko kansan tuntema tunteiden tulkitsija, Kari Tapio. Cast  Talvikki Eerola     Talvikki Eerola     ...     Pia Viheriävaara nuorena Antti Lauri     Antti Lauri     ...     Jani Jalkanen Anssi Lindström     Anssi Lindström     ...     Joona Jalkanen Tiina Lymi     Tiina Lymi     ...     Pia Viheriävaara Markku Niiranen     Markku Niiranen     ...     Mies yleisössä Matti Ristinen     Matti Ristinen     ...     Kari Tapio Johanna Ruonala     Johanna Ruonala     ...     Lentoemäntä Kimmo Saarelainen     Kimmo Saarelainen     ...     Taksikuski Tatu Sinisalo     Tatu Sinisalo     ...     Kari Tapio nuorena Lars Carlsson     ...     special makeup effects artist Laura Rantaniemi     ...     makeup designer Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Emma Heino     ...     second assistant director Sound Department Jyrki Rahkonen     ...     sound Fredrik Winberg     ...     Sound assistant Location Management Timo Lahtinen     ...     location manager / location scout Other crew Ida Kallio     ...     production secretary / publicist/social media Sofia Malmikare     ...     runner/production assistant Jonna Salonen     ...     Production coordinator Kati Suhonen     ...     script supervisor Olen suomalainen on vuonna 2019 ensi-iltansa saanut suomalainen elämäkertaelokuva, jonka on ohjannut Aleksi Mäkelä. Elokuva kertoo suomalaislaulaja Kari Tapion elämästä. Kari Tapiota esittää Matti Ristinen ja hänen Pia Viheriävaara -vaimoaan Tiina Lymi. Paria nuorina esittävät Tatu Sinisalo ja Talvikki Eerola. Alunperin idea elokuvasta lähti Kari Tapion vuonna 2015 kuolleelta vaimolta Pia Viheriävaaralta. Elokuva on tehty yhteistyössä Kari Tapion poikien Joona, Jani ja Jiri Jalkasen kanssa. Elokuva kuvattiin kahdessa osassa, maaliskuussa 2018 ja elo-syyskuussa 2018. Elokuvan budjetti on 1 528 000 euroa, josta Suomen elokuvasäätiön osuus on 750 000 euroa. Lähteet Fräntilä, Jarkko: Olen suomalainen -elokuvan traileri julki – tältä näyttää Kari Tapiosta kertova elokuva Rumba. 12.4.2019. Viitattu 27.6.2019. Tea Manninen: Kommentti: Uutuuselokuva on rujon rehellinen kuvaus iskelmälegenda Kari Tapion elämästä: Suhde toiseen naiseen paljastui vaimolle kirjeestä Ilta-Sanomat. 4.9.2019. Viitattu 4.9.2019. He näyttelevät Kari Tapiota ja Pia-vaimoa – suosikkilaulajasta kertovan elokuvan kuvaukset alkavat Ilta-Sanomat. 5.3.2018. Viitattu 27.6.2019. Olen suomalainen Suomen elokuvasäätiö. Viitattu 27.6.2019. Alkuperäiskieli     suomi Budjetti     1 528 000 euroa

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