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through grey coloured glasses

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last weekend was real good. we went to Richmond Park with doctor. its more than a park, more like a national park, with forest and deers and all that. and it happened to be a warm, sunny day. in the evening we made summer rolls wth some friends. sunday we chilled but did something productive too. i just recall enjoying the weekend extra cos it was so positive. and ive been otherwise a bit stressed and blue lately. lonely, even.  this weekend was not bad either. less eventful maybe. doctor was working day shift  and i’m not sure what i wasted my time on... except being in bed yet unable to sleep, then sleeping late into the day as a consequence. saturday evening we gathered at Avner’s and Elmor’s though for a BBQ, with Can & Burcu. it was a feast, good evening.  this Guardian article on a man who lost his "free for life" American Airlines ticket is interesting because it evokes different thought, or it's not black and white at least for me. also interesting in general. ive occasionally supported Guardian by giving 10 or 20£, but finally set up a montly donation of 7£. it's simply worth it and we are 2 people in this household reading it, so i think it's about time we support good journalism since we can. doctor has been cooking a lot lately. and its been quite tasty! im lucky. more things im grateful for: -not having to stress about "office wear", not just when i work from home but even when i go to office i can pretty much just be myself. thats a huge thing and i have finnish work culture and our company culture to thank.  -im able-bodied and have the means in general to enjoy London's activities and everything else it has to offer with ease -books. books are amazing. i watched some great documentaries this week, one of them was Holy Hell. i did not have any idea what it was about when i started watching and that worked well, it slowly unfolded. i also started watching the Bill Gates docuseries on Netflix. i've always admired him and quite enjoyed the series.

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