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Cosmetics sample inferno

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I think the above is a familiar image to anyone who's a big fan of buying Korean cosmetics online (or shopping at Sephora's webstore). Korean companies seem to be very generous when it comes to doling out samples, and I think I've received some with every purchase I've made. I always hold on to the ones I find interesting and squirrel them away to try them out later... but then I never do. I have a little drawer that, until recently, was filled to the brim with all kind of little sachets. Alternative uses to unwanted skin care samples: Floor collages? A match up game? I decided to finally do something about it, starting with actually looking at what I have stored up. I'm pretty sure I could have done several variations of a full 10-step Korean skin care routine with everything I had piled up.  Unfortunately for me, a lot of the sample packages didn't have the ingredients printed on them. I had to suck it up, sit down and check each product on  CosDNA . I eliminated everything that contains alcohol, which turned out to be quite a lot. It's kind of weird to see how many products contain it. I also decided to chuck everything that I thought might not work for dry skin, regardless of their ingredients. I'm not sure if my curation efforts were entirely successful. But it's a start! Now I'll just have to talk myself into actually using them. Don't be surprised if you start seeing some of these guys making appearances on this blog. Do you end up stock-piling your cosmetics samples, or do you just use them or throw them out? 

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