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PS4 Remote Play will fully support Android this week – The Verge

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Meanwhile, the celebration chat function has actually doubled the variety of users from eight to 16 and ought to have much better connection and audio quality, Sony says. There’s likewise a brand-new voice-to-text feature that transcribes text and shows it on the PS4 Second Screen mobile app, though it’ll only be offered in the US in the meantime. Sony didn’t say whether the function will concern other regions. Remote Play will now let you stream video games from your console to any Android gadget running variation 5.0 or above. This has in fact been a feature on certain Android phones since 2014, but just ones made by Sony– now there’ll simply be a Remote Play app in the Play shop for anyone to download. Sony added iOS compatibility previously this year, so the expansion of Android assistance always promised. Sony has revealed version 7.00 of the PlayStation 4’s system software, which centers around updates to Remote Play and party functionality. The upgrade will be readily available today. from WordPress http://troot.net/ps4-remote-play-will-fully-support-android-this-week-the-verge/

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