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Amsterdam-bound flight makes emergency landing in Maine – Fox News

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WOMAN BOARDS FLIGHT WITH NO ID, BOARDING PASS The representative states the 13 crew members helped the 197 travelers safely deplane and the airline was working with guests to provide accommodations overnight. He said consumers would fly on Monday afternoon to Newark, New Jersey, and from there to Amsterdam, showing up Tuesday morning. Information about the cabin pressurization issue weren’t available. BANGOR, Maine — A United Airlines flight with more than 200 individuals aboard has made an emergency landing in Maine. A United spokesperson says a cabin pressure concern diverted the Amsterdam-bound Flight 986 that had actually left San Francisco on Sunday afternoon to land in Bangor early Monday, local time. CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR THE ALL-NEW FOXBUSINESS.COM A 2005 AP story exploring the Bangor airport’s function as a sanctuary for diverted airplanes said the airport developed from the previous Dow Air Force Base is the last U.S. airport for outbound flights to Europe. from WordPress https://ift.tt/2IuRkyD

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