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Ursus Lanarctos

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Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE Ursus Lanarctos  (closely related to Ursus Arctos that is the fellow who inhabits the forests up here) I called the very first white bear I saw up here Ursus Woolitimus, because I thought that it was related to Ursus Maritimus due to her color, but it appears that Ursus Lanarctos can have very different color coatings, from yellowish white to darkest, blue blacks.  Ursus Lanarctos roams in the close radius of my very location, its is rare species, endangered and vulnerable, and now very carefully curated to bring up the number of heads. No one knows the exact count. As you know, mama bear gives birth in her winter lodgings and cares for the little one(s) for the first summer and the next winter they sleep together in the same nest. During her first year and a half maybe, the cub has gained almost all the necessary information needed for his adult life and mama bear encourages him to embark into his adulthood. But not all are the same, some yearlings are more mature than others, a few can roam aimlessly for a bit and come winter they might face some difficulties finding a good resting place. This little guy appeared in my yard some time ago. He seemed very unhappy, hungry and distressed and in need of special care. Since then he has drank many cups of hot chocolate and eaten uncountable number of cookies (he prefers chocolate chip cookies with dried cranberries, not raisins… but I guess that is very predictable, he is accustomed to them, as he did eat loads of them last fall with his mama when they were preparing for the hibernation). He is little restless, and even though it is already October and by November most of the bears up here are in their hibernation nests, he has not claimed any place as his. I am not worried, I know he needs his sleep, but if he stays up a little longer, all is good. He has his pj’s on and is ready.  I read to him every night. He loves to listen to stories and he really loves the old Finnish story of how the bear came to be on this planet, but that I will tell you another time. Wool with you, Lene PS. Knitting his pyjamas was a challenge. I don’t know how many times I started over to get the back right --- there is the opening, the button band underneath, button holes, short rows and then the hole for the tail…After all that done, I closed the piece to knit few rounds in the round and then separated for the pants. I spent most of my knitting time Sunday getting them right. I am happy with the way they turned out and now the next ones will be a lot easier. But I had to get them right… for this little face. How do you call this kind of onesies, with the opening in the back?

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