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The Darklight:


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Thousands of thoughts poison your heart feeding your fears and you  feel the sword of Damocle hanging on you. Every time it is coming closer you wonder when it will hit you feel already the cold blade slowly sever there is no way out, nor back neither forward everything is still, suspended. You close your heart and soul freezing everything that try to pass through is the survival instinct but don't you see that you are freezing yourself too? Would you see the light again? Would you feel the warmth again? Don't let your heart die lonely and alone. We are made from the same matter of  the stars let your flames shine bright just feel the bliss of the universe . Stand up now brave knight cut the chains which keep you imprisoned, you no longer need them you have been through this before let the sword be the tool for your victory not the cause of your defeat. © Diana Mistera 22.10.2019

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