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WeWorks $47 billion valuation was always a fiction created by SoftBank – CNBC

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Masayoshi Son Alessandro Di Ciommo Sure, Neumann’s peculiarities, and possible illegal activities, have cast him as an irresponsible CEO. Instead of disposing of Neumann’s body, SoftBank is paying Neumann up to $970 million for his equity, depending on how much he desires to offer, and an extra $185 million as a “consulting fee,” which is really simply a benefit for taking SoftBank’s bailout bundle over J.P. Morgan’s alternative$5 billion debt package. When Neumann took financial investments from SoftBank in November 2018($3 billion)and January 2019 ($ 2 billion), WeWork’s value increased from$ 20 billion to $47 billion. Even the $20 billion starting point in 2018 was set by SoftBank, which invested $4.4 billion, in conjunction with its $100 billion Vision Fund, in a 2017 Series G. You have to go back to 2016 to find a valuation of WeWork not discover by SoftBank– a $690 million round led by one of China’s largest hotel companies, Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels. Even if public financiers had rejected a $17 billion evaluation, WeWork probably would be in the very same boat as from WordPress http://troot.net/weworks-47-billion-valuation-was-always-a-fiction-created-by-softbank-cnbc/

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