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Hellocon : Witches' Follies

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This year's Hellocon I attended as a vendor. I was selling my own pieces, Will of the Forsaken clothing designs, but also I was selling second hand clothing. I think it's bad that there are so few sellers for second-hand clothes, because there are many on a budget, and I also support sustainable development. Event place was Vanajanlinna which is in Hämeenlinna. It was my first time there and the place was perfect for lolita happening. I also made some horns and necklaces for sale. Angelic Pretty was the quest of honor this time. Last year it was Moi meme moitie. Shopping lolitas Witch from the house Slytherin Fashion show stage. I was stuck at my sale table so I missed the designers fashion show, but I was able to see Angelic Pretty´s fashion show. My outfit was : my ownd design silk jsk, blouse and a witch hat. Shoes are Minna Parikka's. My new Minna Parikka's on use. I was wearing Moitie at the tea party next day. Jsk, blouse, headdresses, coat, bag, earrings, necklace, socks,: Moi meme Moitie Tights: H&M Shoes: Minna Parikka It was rainy day Some amazing outfits from the tea party; Gothic Queens a few photos of the general atmosphere Angelic Pretty designer interview Some cute Angelic Pretty stuff on sale We were offered the worst tea ever ^^'

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