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Turn your epic ride into a 3D printed mountain

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108 km / 0-3275m turned into a memorial object. In my memories, I keep returning to Taiwan KOM Challenge. Now, when I wanted to get into 3D printing, a natural approach was to turn the cycling computer data into a tangible memorial of that race. For the first, you need the data in GPX format. Practically any ride data will do. Here's what the memorial object looks like in Strava: Export your ride data as .GPX and transform it into a .STL with GPXtruder . Now, locate a 3D printer with proper software. This is the easy part in Finland: go to a public library ! At work I can use an Ultimaker 3 and a MehtaHeino prototype printers. For this project I chose Ultimaker. It took a working day to have it printed. Next, I sprayed it with Concrete-look paint in order to get the surface a different kind of texture. Then I wanted to accentuate the road. For that I "borrowed" my wife's acrylic colors which seemed to work fine. Another iconic climb is Alpe d'Huez a.k.a. Alpe du Zwift. That's something I've ridden only on virtual platforms like Zwift and BigRingVR . There'll be a day when I ride it in real life. I decided to print it out on the MehtaHeino printer. I did it quite big, using practically 25x20x20 cm space, and with very fine settings. Thus, the printing took 1d 23h 38min. I was very happy with the end result. This time I wanted to try out a more natural feel. Again, I started with the concrete-like gray spray. Next I sprayed some orange mostly on the top part. Then, two different greens mostly on the bottom part. It was a bit tricky with all the foldings but end result looks pretty much to my liking even though the photo below doesn't do it justice. For the last I'll paint some accentuation for the road - orange? shiny gray? It might be that some day I combine this 3D file of the road with a spatial topographical mountain. See eg. this article on Instructables . Ultimaker can print out two colors at the same time. The mountain could be printed with one and the road with another to the same object. PS. To stay true to the "natural colors" theme, I painted the road gray. The colors in this photo are closer to what they really are but a bit too dark. Interesting how different faces it makes when in pictures.

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