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Trump speaks with Mexican president after ambush near border region | TheHill – The Hill

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down Trump’s deal to partner with Mexico to” to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth.”9 members of a prominent Mormon family President Trump Donald John Trump Hillary Clinton prompts Democrats to select a candidate who can win the Electoral College Shimkus reveals he will stick with strategy to retire after reconsidering Rand Paul requires media print whistleblower’s name MORE on Tuesday spoke to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to condemn an ambush in northern Mexico that left 9 U.S. people dead. LeBarón family were dual Mexican and American people who have actually lived in a fundamentalist Mormon neighborhood in the border region for years. When gunmen supposedly opened fire on them, the group was traveling in 3 separate automobiles. Mexican authorities stated criminal groups combating for control of the area , including six kids, were eliminated Monday in an ambush in northern Mexico in an area with a history of violence. The New York Times reported that the members of the A través del presidente Trump, envié mi más profundo pésame a los familiares y amigos de quienes fueron asesinados en los límites de Chihuahua y Sonora. Le agradecí su disposición de apoyarnos y le informé que las instituciones del Gobierno de México actúan para hacer justicia. pic.twitter.com/nyls6gix86!.?.!— Andrés Manuel(@lopezobrador_) November 5, 2019 López Obrador earlier in the day knocked Trump and López Obrador went over the event, which is believed to have ties to organized criminal activity in Mexico, and efforts to combat drug cartels and other criminal groups in the country. may have confused the automobiles for a competing organization. Among the groups linked to that location is the Sinaloa Cartel. López Obrador, who made ending the war on drugs one of the pillars of his project , has been under increasing internal pressure to ratchet up enforcement versus the cartels after prevalent violence eliminated 13 individuals on Oct. 17 in the northern city of Culiacán. Trump meanwhile has actually made punishing the circulation of migrants across “President Trump explained that the United States condemns these senseless acts of violence that took the lives of 9 American people and offered Mexico support to make sure the wrongdoers face justice,” deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley said in a statement. the southern border a hallmark of his administration. The president frequently portrays those looking for to get in the U.S. as solidified wrongdoers who come from gangs and have violent backgrounds. López Obrador said in his own declaration that he revealed acknowledgements to Trump about the deaths of the American people and “thanked him for his willingness to support us.” He likewise informed Trump that the Mexican federal government would bring out justice in the case. from WordPress https://ift.tt/34JkjYv

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