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clapham is waiting for us

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we finally got our home, the keys and all. after getting through the painful process that is purchasing a property we didn't really have time to chill. looking through contractors, getting quotes, talking with kitchen companies...   totally out of my comfort zone in the sense that i don't know anything about any of this. i am of course relieved we finally have our place, so im not complaining, although i have to complain a bit...  but for sure i am grateful and priviledged and lucky to be able to have a home in London. a home we chose and all. and we are certainly extra lucky to be able to work on it, make it look nicer etc. but ironically having all these possiblities can bring on stress too. especially for a control freak like me, im like shooting myself in the leg...  im sharing responsibilities and tasks with doctor though. its been tough to learn but something we've consciously worked at especially the past year - its just necessary that we work as a team. decide things together, share the weight... but this refurb stuff... so many questions...if the wash basin is 3cm deeper than the vanity unit...does it work ok? what to do about squeky bits of wooden floor? what could be underneath? when they say they will "level out" the floor what does that mean? how much does it cost to replace floorboards? if i get a new (quiet!) bathroom extractor fan, can it have a separate switch and now just be connected to the light switch - or is it a huge expensive thing to set up? what type of kitchen worktop is really the most practical? does skirting board thickness matter at all? it doesn't end... heading to our home the day after getting keys, champagne and toilet paper. not the sexiest combo. the champagne had been waiting a long time for this occasion. and we figured if we will be going there on and off, toilet paper would be necessary. after paying shitloads and looking at this place being torn down i did have a few seconds of "what are we doing..." the builders started on tuesday and this was the bedroom a few hours later. the carpet is going fast... the fireplace was one of the first things to go. well just the front of it, they are covering it up neatly, leaving the gaping hole in the wall.  the sofa was something i allowed the previous owner to leave figuring it would be nice in the beginning, not to have to sit on the floor. now one of the builders will be taking it so thats nice, i dont need to worry about it. late on tuesday our first piece of own furniture came to the flat. my (great) grandmother's rocking chair from finland. i felt like it like it's come home. i've met neighbours up- and downstairs. upstars is a 30 something single guy and downstairs is a friendly gay couple, i'm guessing just a bit older than us. so far so good, its important to get along with neighbours! we got loads of flooring samples... and tile samples...  (bathroom and kitchen need a tile floor) and of course the Abloy lock. the hardware store guys looked at me like im stupid. and some of them treated me like im stupid as well. seriously. "why do you want to change your locks?" "why do you want THIS kind of a lock?" and making claims that werent even accurate (i read enough about this to know something). frustrating to be treated so poorly. im trying to finally chill a bit this weekend, have some 'me time' which is sorely needed.

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