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Alexa Dagmar -

Viime vuonna tuli matkustettua kiitettävästi, sekä työn puolesta että vapaa-ajan merkeissä. Ihan huikeasti ihania kohteita ja paljon mielettömiä muistoja. Tänä vuonna suunnitelmissa on jo useita eri reissuja, eli eiköhän katsota että mitä tuleman pitää! tammikuu •Saatetaan mahdollisesti lähteä Dubaihin. Se reissu on vielä vähän auki, mutta katsotaan! Ollaan oltu siellä kahdesti aikaisemmin ja sinne tuntuu […] The post TRAVEL PLANS FOR 2018 appeared first on Alexa...

Lollipop Luxury -

comprare libri online Travel Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis, siti di libri Travel Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis, libri famosi Travel Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis Travel Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis Urheber : Harold L. Vogel ISBN : 6742507825069 : Libro would load this ebook, i impart downloads as a pdf, amazondx, word, txt, ppt, rar and zip. There are many books in the world that can improve our knowledge. One...

Mungolife -

*Matka toteutettiin yhteistyössä Rantapallon ja Risteilykeskuksen kanssa Välimeren risteilystä kirjoittelin muutama päivä sitten pitkän postauksen ja t...

Hundredpics -

Photographed from a floating hide in Båtsfjord, Finnmark on our arctic tour   a week ago.

Hundredpics -

On our arctic tour to Varanger, Finnmark, Norway we stopped at Neljän Tuulen Tupa to shoot northern birds like Pine grospeak. The other were Siberian Jay and Siberian tit.

Itinera mundi mentisque -

Let me try and revive this itinera blog, at least for a while, as there are some big ones coming shortly. I actually wanted to post this a bit earlier, but have got plenty of pretexts (such as ‘work’) not to have been able to compose an entry. This sudden, divine blogging inspiration was given by Vulcanus or Hephaestus or, if you prefer, Eyjafjalla. These musings are, of course, a bit past the momentum. How many of you still remember that volcano that erupted in Iceland and stalled air...

Mungolife -

*Matka toteutettu yhteistyössä Rantapallon & Risteilykeskuksen kanssa Välimeren risteily oli meidän yksi syksyn odotetuimpia juttuja, ja nyt ku...

Fiend without a face -

I've been lucky enough to visit a lot of amazing places in the past couple of months. Some of them I had known about and planned to visit for a long time; others I accidentally stumbled into, or - more often - followed  a friend with more knowledge than I did.  Plitvice though was a bit different. I had actually seen photos of the lakes, in northern Croatia, several years ago. Pictures of the layers of green-blue lakes tumbling into each other tend to feature on lists like '1000 Places to Go...

Hundredpics -

Hares in Vadsö, Varange, Norway.  Have been traveling for several days in the very North of Europe. Today found the hares just by good luck. Tomorrow heading to Båtsfjord if weather allows.  Has been very cold but sunny all week.

Materian ihmeellinen maailma -

In Ireland, I had to go and test the local night life, of course. I love pubs! We went to see Irish football, which is really strange because they run the ball in hands! Well, the game was Dublin vs Mayo, it seemed to be very important game to the local people. I naturally encouraged another team Mayo :'D I met a lot of new people, some of them end up being my Facebook friends. When you order ginger beer, you get this ( Ginger ale and whiskey separately ) When you have been drinking too much...

Me, myself and China -

Kymmenen päivän Malesian matkalta on nyt kotiuduttu. Tai no, oikeastaan saavuin jo launtain ja sunnuntain välisenä yönä, mutta en päässyt kirjoittamaan blogia, koska asuntola päätti ottaa kaikki lomalta palanneet vastaan wifi-ongelmilla. Mutta kai jollain tavalla ehkä olikin ihan hyvä pyhittää yksi päivä lepäämiselle ja kokemusten sulattamiselle. Unta oman huoneen rauhassa tosissaan kaipasin, hostelleissa kun en vaan saa nukuttua kunnolla. Lähtöä edellisenä iltana...

Matkabloggaajat -

Tasokasta matkailua ja elämyksiä pienten lasten kanssa! The post Travel is my passion appeared first on Matkabloggaajat.fi .

Crafts and Dreams -

Here I am again... A lot of time has passed again since my last blog update, so I'll tell you about things that also passed some time ago: my trip to Finland in August. I had actually thoguht about writing here already from Finland, I had a text in my head and all, but there was really no time for anything like that. Normally I'm busiest in Finland when I'm Helsinki and try to see everyone in the last few days, but this time I was running around all time. First due to an extra trip to Helsinki...

Hundredpics -

Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Every night offers  opportunities to shoot sunset pictures.

outrageous outings -

greetings from berlin! in addition to exercise there are few things in life that lift your serotonin levels like a trip in the company of great women. ready to take off. morning view. i am not sure what in berlin strikes me as full of life. in itself the concrete gloominess is brightened only  by street art and tivoli lights marking restaurants and stores this time of the year. the magnificent promenades are not lined by lush trees as they are from spring till fall, but somehow there is a...

Skimbaco Lifestyle -

Need a fun weekend with friends or your spouse? This travel deal is too good not to share with friends.… The post Travel deal: $50 per night for 5 Star Hotels in Las Vegas appeared first on Skimbaco Lifestyle | online magazine .

Any in NZ -

Our time in Finland is coming to an end, again. I feel adrift, unwilling to travel, unable to stay, unfocused with everything that I should be doing. The early summer has been the coldest in 50 years, they say. Lucky me! Finland is really trying to freeze us out. I can handle the weather though, surprisingly. It's the cold muteness that I'm still not acclimated to. I feel like an idiot trying to make eye contact with other parents in the park, co-travellers in the tram or even the cashier in...

L.A. Madde -

Kun olen saanut kuukauden verran ajella töihin lentämisen sijaan, olen alkanut taas haaveilla matkustamisesta aivan eri tavalla kun en ole ollut menossa koko ajan. Seuraavat kohteet kiinnostavat minua tänä vuonna: Provence, Ranska En ole ikinä käynyt tällä alueella Ranskassa ja erityisesti upeat laventeli-pellot kesällä näyttävät uskomattomilta kuvissa. Mietin olisiko helpointa lentää Nizzaan ja vuokrata sieltä […]

Meriharakka -

Kävimme Libanonissa Arial Travelin kanssa. Tässä hiukan huomioita matkan järjestelyistä ja yhteenvedon matkamme kohdejutuista.

Pekkaboy -

What always stops me is the fact that I realize that I do not understand things fully. That happened to me today again. I listened a lecture about comperative regional analysis and I saw a paradox of a sales person, who is about to visit number of cities. The point was that he has to visit all those places and travel as little as possible. In other words, optimatize the route and you will have the right the right answer. Sounds easy. For exaple, the optimal routing for 24 978 cities of Sweden...

mikroPaliskunta -

Reindeer’s hotel visit from mkk on Vimeo. Short documentary video about reindeer Paavo’s travel to Vantaa hotel.

40+ blogit -

Kävimme Libanonissa Arial Travelin kanssa. Tässä hiukan huomioita matkan järjestelyistä ja yhteenvedon matkamme kohdejutuista.

Hundredpics -

All Lapland was nicely covered by frost some days ago when I was driving through.

maria -

All right everyone. It's been a while. I hope you all had nice holidays and the new year is starting well. I have only seven weeks left at the day care. That's a good thing. Well, actually I kinda like it there now. Oh, I guess I didn't tell you that the bitchy director got her sorry butt fired after a couple of complaints. So, after that everything has improved a lot. Good for me. We were in Chicago right before Christmas. It was a fun little weekend trip to see old friends there. We went to...

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