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Stars Dont Fade ! -

In this 21st century era, online has brought the majority of the huge businesses trading around the world. It's little doubt that earning profits online is growing real fast. What used being deemed by the culture as fraud, scheme... etc all kinds of bad opinion on the web has now been changed by praises. The web has enable individuals to escape the 9 5 job routine and make the own internet business of theirs. We've heard numerous folks are making a great deal of cash from the web. Make money...

Musta aurinko -

Very short post before work. Errare humanum est, nullius nisi insipientis in errare perseverare. If there are any latin buffs in my LJ friends, well, you're free to correct the above. It could be pretty bad since I just took it out of some latin quote book a long time ago. What it's supposed to say, however, is "To err is human, yet only a fool repeats the same mistakes again." Which is a good line; We all fuck up some times, but we shouldn't get too caught up on it. If we dwell on our mistakes...