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Motoristin Mutsi at home and garden -

Cesvaine was full of old, beautiful buildings. We came across Evangelic Lutheran Church by fortune. Well, it could not miss, if driving at least right side of the town It was rising high, reaching up to the sky. Smaller gate was open, so I walked to the Church park. Church parks feels always so quiet, that I almost be a little scared to disturb the peace. There is always possibility, that deceased has laid to rest under Church floor, so... Churc was shaped traditionally alike cross. Front tower...

Motoristin Mutsi at home and garden -

On the 1st of May weekend it was fifth time, when we spent it in Latvia. And I can say, that I haven't seen much more than race tracks over there. So this time we did it differently. After spending a day in race track, we had a quick dinner and then we drove to Cesvaine. I had decided forehand, that I want to see the castle   - even though I knew it would be closed. Tourist season seems to start right after  1st of May there - and of course it was evening already. However, driving 15 mins...