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A shared love of cycling made three friends start the coolest bike shop. The post Anyone up for a bike tour around Finland? appeared first on Blue Wings .

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My humans love cycling. They love it more than sleeping, running, eating, or sniffing other human's pee. Weird creatures. Anyway, last week the female human broke her bike when she had her day off. It had to be fixed. When she got the bike back I got to visit a bike repair shop  they frequent when they want something fixed. (Usually, we just walk past the shop, and I mark the hedge and sniff all the messages boys have left for me.) For a 12-year-old, I move pretty quickly when visiting an...

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The weather is starting to get colder and days are getting shorter, but today was a nice, sunny, almost warm day, so I decided to take advantage of that and cycled to Paukaneva to go for a walk. I was really surprised to see this. The road I needed to take used to go right there where those white things are. First I turned back, but went only about 100 meters or so when I started thinking that there must be a way, so I went to have a closer look. Actually, there is a newer, bigger crossing a...