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Tofu for Two -

Glögi is the Finnish equivalent of mulled wine, and before Christmas its readymade incarnations start to appear in the stores – some with alcohol, but most without. I find them usually way too sugary, and that’s why I always thought that I just don’t care for the drink that much. It wasn’t until this weekend […]


There is a story about someone's  PhD reseach about 7-13-year old Finnish children and studying English in today's Helsingin sanomat . The surveyed children don't consider the English they learn when gaming "proper English" , and don't see much relevance for lerning to write English (this is actually expressed rather vaguely in the article; it's possible that I misunderstood something). "Real English" is learned at school from books, the children think.  I don't remember if I had that kind...

Kiitotie -

Meet social activist Emilia Lahti, who is spreading the message of “sisu” by redefining the way we tackle life’s challenges. The post Finnish “sisu” explained appeared first on Blue Wings .

Visit Finland -

Finland has quite a low ratio of inhabitants relative to land mass. Because of this there are vaste uninhabited areas where the landscape remains untouched. In addition, as Finland has very diverse features - ranging from the small islands on the south and southwestern coast, to the thousands of lakes in central Finland, and all the way to the mountains and tundra of Lappland - there are superb possibilities for nature photography. Here are some beautiful pictures of untouched Finnish nature...

aattu.tv Finnish Favorite Hobbies -

Finns are notorious for their alcohol consumption. Instead of showing drunken Finns, the final episode of Finnish Favorite Hobbies reveals few typical Finnish drink recipes. Drinks like Lonkero and Kossuvissy have been helping Finns to get drunk for decades.Finnish Favorite Hobbies series is coming to its final episode. What would be more appropriate theme, than drinking and alcohol, which Finns

Oppitori -

Tämä on varmaan yksi kauneimpia tekstejä suomeksi. You Tubessa , Vesa-Matti Loirin tulkinta  myös You Tubessa. Täällä Katri-Helena esittää Nocturnen Elävässä arkistossa. Ruislinnun laulu korvissani, tähkäpäiden päällä täysi kuu; kesä-yön on onni omanani, kaskisavuun laaksot verhouu. En ma iloitse, en sure, huokaa; mutta metsän tummuus mulle tuokaa, puunto pilven, johon päivä hukkuu, siinto vaaran tuulisen, mi nukkuu, tuoksut vanamon ja varjot veen; niistä sydämeni...

Grendel Diary -

Last friday we played at the Finnish Metal Expo . As a first band of the day we were a bit nervous. Gig went fine however, and there was already quite a crowd of audience even though it was early. Preparing for the gig: Our technical crew: Thanks to everybody at FME!

Ekana Innovation Blog -

It’s been a bit slow on the communications front lately. Not to worry, we’ve just been out enjoying the summer and starting new things. June 12th was the day when the Finnish game industry companies located in K30 (Kalevankatu 30) complex had their summer party. K30 summer party had Mahtava Development, Mr. Goodliving, Recoil Games, […]

Blue Butterfly - Gateway to Art -

Director Miika Soini has been awarded a Prize for the Best Director at the Zerkalo Film Festival in Russia . The prize for the best director is one of the festival's main awards. The leading actor of the movie is famous Finnish actor Lasse Pöysti. The film portrays the life of an elderly man, Thomas, who lives alone in his basement apartment accompanied by a radio, chessboard and a photograph of his wife. Every time Thomas leaves his apartment the outside world reminds him of his old age...

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE Ellen, thank you for asking for the “Pulla-recipe” (Cinnamon buns the Finnish way).  My Mom used to bake on Saturdays when I was a child, thus writing down the recipe on a Saturday is very appropriate. I have done this before, however this is my post number 601(!!), I just checked yesterday, it is acceptable to do it again (I think only once before). Confession: I am not a born baker. I had to learn to cook to feed and delight (in good and in...

Startupbin -

Paul Dunay wrote a good post on brands that use Twitter. The list is not that long yet, but I recon it’s growing steadily. The list got me thinking again about how many Finnish companies use twitter. Again, there is no easy way to find them,  even though I used several tools in the process, [...]

Go Rin No Sho -

Every major Finnish media published the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad depicted on today’s cover of Charlie Hebdo on their web pages. The cartoon was published along with news on the publication of the first issue since the Paris terrorist attack.  The only exception is Ilta-Sanomat that published only a photo of the demonstrators holding ”Je suis Charlie” signs.  ( Update, 23.40 pm: Also Ilta-Sanomat has now published the cover cartoon, see the screen shot and link below. ) Below is a...

Visit Finland -

Finland has great and varied history in the field of literature. A great deal of the major literary works are historical in nature and depict life in Finland in the yesteryears. A common theme in many of these books is to touch upon the metaphysical concept of what being a true Finn actually is. Possibly the greatest Finnish authors of all time are Aleksis Kivi, Väinö Linna and Mika Waltari. In the following paragraphs, I will present one book from each of these great men. Please remember...


Finnish copyfighter Herkko Hietanen sez, "Finnish copyright law is in its last stretch in Parliament. It places considerable limits on fair use and right to import works. Citizens are writing to the MPs who are planning to take action to remove some of the most Draconian parts of the law. Members of Parliament are reportedly receiving 600 e-mails a day about copyright issues. The Minister of Culture is calling the worried citizens who sent the e-mail terrorists! It is reported that this is the...

aattu.tv Finnish Favorite Hobbies -

The source of happiness and peace is often found between trees and water, the two archetypal Finnish elements. However, sometimes trees on both sides and water underneath just don't do it, but the solution might be found where there is no trees at all.For a Finn, the Central Park of New York is really an oasis in the middle of busy city life and noise. It seems, however, to find the true peace

Oppitori -

Sorry, I have not translations t o these idioms and pieces of colloquial speech , which make it so difficult for a foreigner to understand. I've collected them from various sources in the Internet. I present them as  problems - enigmas, it may be more enchanting in that way. You may try to google them. It's possible to context search. The sources may come in the beginning of results. You 'll anyway find contexts of usage. That's anyway in this way people speak. Some expressions may be out of...

aattu.tv Finnish Favorite Hobbies -

Pavilion dance might be one of the most common summer hobbies from south to north, but not quite as frequently the dance partner turns out to be a cottage.After the sabbatical leave the team is back on Finnish Favorite Hobbies with more new episodes! There will be a new episode coming around every three weeks.On one hand this episode is based on the huge popularity of pavilion dance in Finland

Design Finland - Finnish Design -

”A regard for the traditions of design is another recurring theme. Heritage, tradition, regard for the natural world and a clever application of craft – Finland can certainly boast all of these attributes in its design DNA.” Laura Houseley, design...

Pohjoisen rauhantyön blogi -

The Finnish Peace Committee was founded in 1949 as politically independent non-govenrment organisation. It aims at promoting peace, disarmament, tolerance, human rights and global equality. Social justice and clean environment are regarded cornerstones for building the citizens’ security. The Finnish Peace Committee is one of foremost organizations of the peace movement in Finland, and it […]

SusuPetal PhotoGallery -

  MakroTex KATSE ALAS – LOOKING DOWN is the theme for Weekly Macro        Filed under: elämä/life, hand made, Helsinki, makroviikot/weekly macro, manipulation, nature, photopoems Tagged: Finland, hand made, Helsinki, In colour, manipulation, nature, photo poems, photos

Heikniemi Hardcoded -

I have two pieces of news to share for the Finnish Microsoft professionals community. Flux is a new space for working together Last Thursday, Microsoft Finland launched a new venue in downtown Helsinki. Microsoft Flux is a mixture of a co-working space, a tech playground and a startup accelerator. A few startups work there, but […]

Vihreä talo -

Kiitos paljon kaikille Finnish Design Shop -arvontaan osallistuneille, teitä olikin iso joukko! Teidän ylivoimainen suosikkinne kolmesta huipusta palkintovaihtoehdosta olivat ihanan värikkäät Marimekon Ojakellukka -lakanat. Tyylikäs Artekin Riihitie -ruukku valkoisena tuli hyvänä kakkosena ja Steltonin 50-lukulaisesta Freja-kannusta tykättiin myös paljon. Riihitie-ruukun valitsi muuten

Villaa ja villakoiria -

Kaunis aurinkoinen kevätaamu tänään, auton ikkuna on jo melkein jäätön tähtikirkkaan yön jälkeen. Pihalla ja sisällä kukkii, ja kevään myötä eläinlaumakin on kasvanut. Räjähdysmäisesti. Today is a lovely sunny spring morning, and the fozen dew after a bright night is almost gone. The garden has started to bloom as do the plants inside, and as is proper for spring, the animals have their offspring . Ensin oli tällainen First there was this Sitten näkyi tällaista Then it...

Materialistin koti -

Rrrrrakastan Mikko Laakkosen suunnittelemaa Latva-naulakkoa. Nyt Laakkonen on kuitenkin suunnitellut lattianaulakolle seinälle kiinnitettävän version. Sitä saa näköjään tilattua Finnish design shopista 210 euron hintaan. Mulla olis tälle paikkakin tiedossa. Tänne sopisikin paremmin tuollainen seinämalli.

Villaa ja villakoiria -

Kuten kuvasta näkyy, kirsikankukat kukkivat _juuri_nyt_ joten oli sitten pakko katkaista pitkähkö blogihiljaisuus. Kevät on muutenkin virkistänyt, ja niinpä kuljeskelin pitkin pihaa kuvailemassa. Kirsikankukat aukesivat tänä aamuna, nyt voisin viettää omaa Hanami-juhlaa, piknikkiä kirsikankukkien alla. Luumupuukin kukkii, toivottavasti se tuottaa hedelmiä myös tänä vuonna. Viime vuoden sato oli yhdeksän sinistä luumua. Tuomi kukkii ja TUOKSUU! Narsissit ovat nostaneet päänsä...

Villaa ja villakoiria -

Uusi Ulla on ilmestynyt! Tai oikeastaan se ilmestyi jo pari päivää sitten, mutta näin lomalaisena blogaaminen on jäänyt... Mulla on myös ohje mukana, Ulpukka-huivi . Mä suunnittelin sen siskolleni, joka pyysi iltapukuhuivia. Sen piti olla geometrisesti kuvioitu, ilman mitään hässäkkää :-) Sitten Ullasta kysyivät, josko voisin sponsoroidusta langasta suunnitella huivin johonkin numeroon... ja kun kerran olin jo aloittanut, niin oli helppo luvata. Suunnittelu ja tekeminen vain...

Picturized -

Edited: This is a new blog of mine which concentrates on photographing. I have another blog, Paljain Käsin , which is in Finnish only. This blog will be mainly in English. Comments and critics are welcomed, I`d like to know what you think of my photos and if you know how I could get better at photographing, please let me know! If you have a photographing blog, I will link to it if you leave a comment! Minulla on blogi Paljain Käsin vuodatuksessa ja pitkän harkinnan jälkeen päätin luoda...

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