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Korinaa kuopasta. -

This is like a placeholder post. I’m testing how this system is working or if it’s not doing that. I have not previously blogged using English, as my so-called skills in this are are somewhat crappy. Hopefully someone is able to work out what I ment to write. (Now and in the future.) I’ll try to fill this blog with things that are related at least with Red Orchestra and UnrealEd . Those are the two main topics here. Other topics I try to keep in the Finnish side of this thing. So, welcome...

punk apple -

Long time no update... sometimes life needs a bit more privacy, or there is less to elaborate. Nothing major's been happening, and I still can't do elaborate descriptions about feelings. Weather will hit 100 F mark in the next few days. That will be time spent at pool, and with some good reads. I got some new toys recently: an ice cream maker (I got the green one as they didn't have the yellow ones in store), some new ikea shelves and gadgets, a few books... on the list of next ikea purchases...

Rakkauden Ministeriö -

most embarrassing thing... i have become a youthworker: yesterday i was crying for joy because i was so happy to work with the teenagers and help them in their problems.

Light Scrape -

Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3 Flower 4 The photographs of spring flowers were taken on May 27th. (Posting title is from the poem A Psalm of Freudian Life by Franklin Pierce Adams.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Puikoilla tanssimista -

Jospa sitä nyt vihdoin saisi raportoitua pääsiäisen tapahtumista. Opiskelujen kanssa on ollut ihan kiitettävän hektistä, touhua seminaariesityksistä labraviikonloppuihin. Mutta siis, pääsiäisenä kotikotoa lumikinosten keskeltä löytyi monta unohtunutta aarretta, jotka nyt jaan kanssanne :) Ensimmäinen tekemäni villapaita. Odotti puikoilla inspiraatiota välillä pitkiäkin aikoja, mikä näkyy mukavina kireydenvaihteluina... Hihojen kuvioiden leveydessä taisi olla melkein sentin...

Miia Ranta - blog -

Just over four years ago I gave up my volunteer, unpaid role as an administrator of the Finnish Wikipedia. Today, while discussing with a friend, I realised what has been one of the most valuable lessons in both my professional … Continue reading →

Ripulia ja muuta törkyä kansalle! -

Tällä zonella dronen flygattaminen ei jees, vaan very no no!