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The Deceitful Self-Portraits of Neiti ja Herra Huomenta -

RE: Play it again, Alice.‏ From: Matthiéuw Wickliff (feignmatthieuw@hotmail.com) Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008 12:54:22 AM To: neitihuomenta@hotmail.com You say, there's still too many questions left to ask, but for me there is none. I've been fucking in love with you for god knows how long and all you do is toy me and all the other men and women around just to keep that little voice in your head from telling you all the dirty little truths you should have accepted quite a while ago...

Strategy of Giving -

Solve this and become a millionaire.

AdvertiZerZ Online -

AdvertiZerZ Online is a website dedicated to provide helpful tools for beginning online marketers. This is the blogversion of the site.

What's my fight for? -

 Jee. Lähdemme halailemaan. Siitä tulee hauskaa, upeaa, mahtavaa. Ja nyt minua alkaa itkettää, kun katson näitä videoita. Btw, viimeinkin tuli helteet ja minä istun kokopäivän sisällä. Okei, en halua ruskettua. Entä sitten? Eivät kaikki pidä rusketuksesta. Kuten minä. Ja ei, en ole mikään gootti. Olin muuten eilen oloillassa. Oli mukava nähdä tyyppejä pitkästä aikaa. Huomenna power parkiin. Jippii. Oikeasti en jaksa innostua siitä, mutta ehkäpä huomisesta tulee...

hottest hot - eli kuuminta hottia -

Free Record Shop ilmoitti tänään minulle sähköpostitse (Toisin sanoen: olen joskus liittynyt heidän postituslistalleen), että liike aikoo lopettaa kokonaan toiminnan Suomessa. Ei haittaa yhtään. Näin turkulaisena olen tottunut viime vuosina asioimaan oikeastaan pelkästään vain Stupido Shopissa, joka hetki sitten muutti nimensä 8 Raita Record Storeksi.  Viimeisin hankinta on muuten White Stripesin Icky Thump.  Tarkempaa  raportointia […]

Trailing Space -

An amazing reverberation simulator named epicVerb (PC VST) has been released under freeware licence. It aims at tight small room and ambience effect simulation (well suited to modern drum and vocal productions) as well as for the large hall sounds. It is designed for maximum flexibility and usability and to take place as a true high quality stereo main reverb. I love the sound of this plugin. It is not muddy at all with source signal with a wide spectrum and the output sounds natural and...

Kitara Guitar -

Free Guitar Lessons Aloittelijat Blues  Kitaran Soinnut

Halo Efekti Overflow -

Free Burma! "The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear." - Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Free Burma!

Julkinen salaisuus -

Velhametsä -

...And lost by inaction. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. " - Edmund Burke The cartoons mocking Mohammed and Islam have caused such an international incident that it is hard to keep track of it all, and therefore, with my limited time and ability, I leave it into more proffessional hands. However, the waves caused by the rock cast into the pond are finally reaching even remote, little Finland. Via, Sweden, naturally. The Finnish Nationalist...

Waldo's Cafe - Jukka Wallasvaara's Blog -

This is something that YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!! WOWZAPP is a worldwide Windows 8 coding and learning event organized by Microsoft. There will be 6 anchor points  and many satellite locations simultaneously around the world. Finland will host the anchor event for Western Europe! All of the events will start at 17:00 their local […]

Neverwhere -

Olen nyt taas virallisesti sinkku. Exä saa jäädä - for good. Se on ollut niin kusipäinen että ei ole toista! Ei me kummatkaan kestetä toisiamme. Alan siis etsiä kiireellä omaa yksiötä ja aloittelen uutta elämää. Pääsen ehkä työkkärin kautta harjoitteluun tekeen toimistotyötä! Ja siitä voi kehkeytyä oikea työsuhdekin :) JEEE! Ja huomenna juhlitaan mun 28-vee syndei. Ihkua!

Kesken Kaiken -

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Strategy of Giving -

I wanted to write an article about a new music service called Spotify. They are giving away free memberships and I wanted to know a bit more about their philosophy. So I emailed them some questions. Instead of answering, they rewarded me with 100 free membership tokens. I think that answered all my questions. So […]

Strategy of Giving -

Guest entry by Peter Froberg: View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: model business) The term freemium was coined to describe a business model where you give away a free service and sell premium products. A prime example of this is Skype. They give away a free Voip client and sell complimentary products such […]

AdvertiZerZ Online -

AdvertiZerZ Online is a website dedicated to provide helpful tools for beginning online marketers. This is the blogversion of the site.

piece of clothing dreams -

Salah satu video game paling populer Disney adalah permainan video The Lion King. Hal ini didasarkan pada film animasi terkenal oleh Disney dengan Virgin interaktif sebagai penerbit kembali pada tahun 1994. Kemudian dirilis oleh SNES Game Boy, PC, SPN, Amiga, Sega Mega Drive / kejadian, Master System dan Game Gear. The Lion King adalah sisi-bergulir permainan platform yang Anda dapat mengontrol

AdvertiZerZ Online -

AdvertiZerZ Online is a website dedicated to provide helpful tools for beginning online marketers. This is the blogversion of the site.

kanelia sokeria -

How much money is reasonable to use in beauty? How much is your beauty bill every year? How much you would like it to be? How much is enough, and what would be "too much"? A regular Finnish woman is using 151 euros to cosmetics. In a year. 151 euros... only? I started to count my expenses. I'm using that money annually to shampoo only!? So I made a list about my estimated cosmetic charges, and added also a number of these products I yearly use. Mascara 25e x 4 Eye-liner 19e x 2 Eyebrow pencil...

Just be. -

Cats and dogs. I like them both. Most people are either or, but I prefer both. My grandparents used to have borzois when I was young and when I was living with my mother, we had a cat called Edith. I really loved all those animals plus horses (I used to take riding lessons) plus cows (I used to take care of cows at our cottage's neighbour) plus giant otters :) So Kassu came into our home for one week. At first the attitude was like this. New places are always stressful, I know. But then it...

Just be. -

There has been news about how Finnish people just let the berries rot in the forests instead of picking them. Estimated 90% of the berries are not picked, although they're VERY healthy and full of vitamins and antioxidants. They're really so called super foods! We have lots of different berries in Finland and while I was in Kuopio, I picked raspberries and blueberries from the forest and blackcurrants from my mom's yard. Later in the autumn it's going to be time for lingonberries and...

Nihil declaro - Nothing to Declare -

Yes, I saw them sail. Ships that came into the harbour and left again. Becoming smaller and smaller as they reached for the sinking sun. In some ways, they left me feeling empty. In others, I felt filled with hope. As I saw them lift their anchors I felt free. I wished it could have been me.

Just be. -

After juhannus it was time to head to Espoo because of my cousin's confirmation celebrations. The car was packed with mom, her husband, grandmother, Moona (my brother's daughter) and me. Although it was quite hot, it was nice to travel south with them. Moona was drawing lots of pictures in her note book. She was asking all the time what she should draw and I said car, rainbow and raindrops... ...and a pirate with his ship! Moona has also been practising writing, on the front page you could find...

Mirrorball in Flames -

I have, for some time, intended to write in English. This is partly out of my desire to taste and explore the language, partly from want of reaching more people than in my native Finnish, and also, to a considerable extent, from the fear of the language deteriorating in relative linguistic passivity. Bah! I detest the idea of unavoidably making many grammatical mistakes, forgetting articles or prepositions, and putting them where they just don’t belong. But hey, there’s an opportunity for a...

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