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Fillarikesä -

Taiwan KOM Challenge was an insane effort for a non-racing cyclist from the flatland. I wasn’t able to follow my plan and started falling behind gradually. The 85 km of pure climbing was very hard. On sections of 18, 22, and up to 28% I had to walk and push the bike. Also, rear tyre kept on emptying and my Lezyne pump got into action several times. After 70 km I knew that the broomwagon would pick me sooner or later as I wouldn’t make it before 1 o’clock when they’d close the Finish...

Annoyingly Clueless -

I was never into racing with animals, until I met John about a year and a half ago. I have found that greyhound racing is cool - and fun! One of his "pets", Chill Out Cocoa", had a couple of great races. Here is one; look how he enjoy the running! Listen to what John have to say: "Video of my racing greyhound, "Chill Out Cocoa," from November 2000 at Belle Vue, Manchester, where he absolutely flew out of trap 1 and led all the way. Born 12th October 1996, he lived with us after he'd finished...