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Fillarikesä -

Year by year I'm more and more reluctant to execute the hard training sessions. Year by year I need more rest days. And if I'm doing less than before, what I really have to maintain is the intensity, and leave some junk miles aside. My way of getting some high intensity training is to go racing. In a race I really have the motivation to go all out. Nowadays, I rarely reach similar power or heart rate on my own. Ahvenisto Race Circuit is the most hilly car race track in Finland. Several times a...

Annoyingly Clueless -

I was never into racing with animals, until I met John about a year and a half ago. I have found that greyhound racing is cool - and fun! One of his "pets", Chill Out Cocoa", had a couple of great races. Here is one; look how he enjoy the running! Listen to what John have to say: "Video of my racing greyhound, "Chill Out Cocoa," from November 2000 at Belle Vue, Manchester, where he absolutely flew out of trap 1 and led all the way. Born 12th October 1996, he lived with us after he'd finished...

Thelman Blogi -

Dress Asos, harness Young Hungry Free, triple sole creepers Underground, backpack H&M My hair is so bad in these photos but I wanted to take photos of this outfit so..