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Starbirds, perhaps -

Most of today's writing time was spent talking with a character . My original draft of the interview was 664 words (I made small edits when posting, so the word count won't match). I did write some story, too, but not much. Current project word count is 713, which means I wrote 219 words of the narrative today. Still, the day's total word count, including the interview, is almost 900 words. I'm happy with that. I'm a compulsive theoretician. If I want to learn something, I read books. No...

potdblog -

Statement 60° 9'49.01"N 24°56'19.09"E Download a Google earth placemark

Dusty Gamer -

I was asked to write about where roleplaying is, locally, as I see it, in Finland right now. This came at an opportune time as I’ve thought hard about it recently. The objective of the exercise is to really get

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

State Fair (1933) with Norman Foster (Wayne Frake), Janet Gaynor (Margy Frake), Louise Dresser (Melissa Frake) and Will Rogers (Abel Frake). Onnen kiertokulku / Lyckans karusell / Montagne russe.     US 1933. Director: Henry King. Sog.: dal romanzo omonimo (1932) di Phil Stong. Scen.: Paul Green, Sonya Levien. F.: Hal Mohr. M.: Robert Bischoff. Scgf.: Duncan Cramer. Mus.: Louis De Francesco.     Int.: Will Rogers (Abel Frake), Janet Gaynor (Margy Frake), Lew Ayres (Pat Gilbert), Sally...