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DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE Thank you very much for your concern for Ruusu. She is not yet well; she has almost completely stopped producing tears and that is a serious problem. She is being treated, taken to the vet frequently, we are doing all we can and hoping for the best. She is full of life and playful, not in pain, but she needs eye drops constantly. She takes them well and so far, her eyes are the same, not worse, not better. And yes, I do love her a lot, we all do...

From the corner of the world -

It's been a long time since I last wrote here. Nothing new, it's a very dark time of the year here in the Northern hemisphere. Personally I'm just waiting for the days to get longer, for the sun to shine more. Right now it's really dark although the meteorologists claim the day is getting longer and brighter all the time. I guess living up here in the North, you create a certain skill of utilizing and stocking up some solar energy in your body during the summer months and then automatically...

Matkamuistonukkeja ja valokuvausta -

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my life in color -

January brought the long awaited snow. Oh how I love reflections... However I am not a fan of that greenish hue the LED lights in the tree... I went to see an endless sea of dots at Yayoi Kusama's In Infinity exhibit . Beyond amazing. If you ever have a chance to see an exhibit, go! I also placed my dot in the Obliteration Room. I think my favorite moment was when I was waiting to get into one of the mirrored rooms. This lady went by quickly glancing at the works on the wall. Her small daughter...

Read.Read.Read -

Book covers are one of my favorite forms of art.  In order to share my love for some bookish beauties out there I decided to put together "2018 Cover Love", a monthly feature in which I will share with you some of my favorite covers of that month's releases. Without further ado, here are my favorite covers of January 2018. If you want more information on the books the links will take you to Goodreads! The Immortalists  by Chloe Benjamin The Hazel Wood  by Melissa Albert The English Wife  by...

Jack Honest -

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Inside the Bannus Field -

I haven't been active in updating this journal for a while now. I guess at some point a few years ago, I just got burned out on reviewing and writing in general after having done that very actively for several years. It also didn't help that much of fandom moved over to Tumblr etc. which is just not suited for long text comments or in-depth analysis of books/tv/movies/whatever. This year I decided to try to revive this journal a bit and at least try to make monthly book/media comments which...

BLOGitse -

  Hi everyone!   On Wednesday we had a LOT of snow (white on white is difficult to see but you get the idea) – on Thursday it was all gone       It’s difficult to believe it’s soon March!!! jeeee!       Theme Art challenge in January 2018 is ’black, white and […]

Värriön luontopäiväkirja - Varrio nature diary -

Vuodenajan kuvia. Värriön luonnonpuiston massiivisin tunturi Sauoiva siintää horisontissa 30.1.2006. Photos of the season. The most monumental fell in Varrio reserve is Sauoiva. Here it is bathing in January 30 sun, in 2006.

Jarin blogi - biologiaa ja maantiedettä -

Eri tutkimuslaitosten mukaan vuosi 2017 oli maailmanlaajuisesti koko mittaushistorian toiseksi tai kolmanneksi lämpimin kalenterivuosi. Tähän mennessä lämpimin vuosi on ollut 2016, jolloin vaikutti voimakas El Niño. Mikäli luontaisesti lämmittävän El Niñon vaikutus poistetaan mittaustuloksista ja tarkastellaan ilmastonmuutosta ilman laajamittaisia säähäiriöitä, vuosi 2017 nousee globaalin mittaushistorian kaikkein lämpimimmäksi vuodeksi. NOAA: Vuosina 1900-1980 uusi vuoden...

Suomen Antifasistinen Komitea (SAFKA) -

Russia's position was very weak at the start of the Ukraine Crisis. It controlled nothing of importance by which it could threaten or coerce the West. It could not close the Danish Straits for Western traffic. Nor the Bosporus. It could not cut the US out of SWIFT or the international credit marker. Russia could not block SouthStream, NordStream or Ukrainian gas transits. Everything Russia COULD do amounted to shooting itself in the foot; it would be advancing Western and US geopolitical aims...

Rakentumistyömaa -

Past year's goals Jogging every day in January : passed . I bought new jogging shoes. Since jogging in the past has caused knee & back problems, this time I went to a proper sports clothes shop and asked for the salesman to recommend shoes. They were more expesive than the supermarket shoes, but it was worth it. I did short jogs in 6 out of 7 of days in January and didn' have any health problems. Writing something publishable every week : not passed as such. I didn't write any ad-funded site...

Fillarikesä -

More than 300,000 page views during ten years, and 88,940 km ridden. Leave a comment during January if you want to take part in a raffle. Paljonhan näitä sivulatauksia on, mutta tahti on leppoisa. Maaliskuussa 2008 kirjoitin ensimmäisen tekstin. Vuoden kuluttua on varmaan sata tonnia ajettu blogin aikana. Jos jätät tähän tekstiin kommentin tammikuun aikana, voit voittaa jotain pientä pyöräilyaiheista.

~ Bohemian Itkupilli ~ nyhjäisyjä tyhjästä -

I wish you Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year! PS. If you are on creative mood during the holidays, here is a 40% off coupon code to grab some more goodies. It's valid until 1st of January and you can use it as many times you wish. The code is: Merry40off itKuPiLLi Imagenarium @MischiefCircus.com

Rakentumistyömaa -

A lot happened to me at work in 2013. The company I worked for (6 employees) was sold to a bigger one (~150 employees) and I got fired. I jumped from joy thanks to getting fired, since it made me eligible for unemployment benefit, and since I didn't get on with a strong personality running the 6-person company and his unprofessional behaviour, which included among other things alcohol use during working hours, until I complained about it, after which I got very cold treatment. I had already...

Keijunlilja- gloriosa superba -

Kyllä elossa ollaan, mutta minun tietokone ei ole vieläkään:D Joten tässä viimein päivitellään koulun koneelta. Nyt minulla on hyvä syy päivitellä blogia kun osallistun Crazy January 2012 tempaukseen ja lupaan ainakin aloittaa 15 työtä tämän vuoden puolella:D Se ei ole kovin vaikeaa, mutta se töiden valmistumista tämän vuoden puolella en voi luvata:D Tällä hetkellä olen hyvin pysynyt aikataulussa ja kaikki kymmenen työtä on aloitettu. 1. Bent Ceek, February  2. White...

Maajon Maailma -

Purrfect partners Margaret Sherry's p attern from Cross Stitcher issue 196. Started 15/01/2012 and finished 15/05/2015 . Part of Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012.

Maajon Maailma -

X cat Pattern from The Best Of Margaret Sherry. Started 15/01/2012 and finished 30/11/2014. Part of Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012.

Cheng Ching - Taiwanin lokikirja -

Tässä vielä 24.-25.1.2009 Alishanin patikoinnit kartalla. Briefly in English . Alishan hiking routes 24-25 January, 2009.

Hakan hommat -

Tammikuu mennä vilahti ohi ilman ensimmäistäkään blogipostausta. Oli muuten ensimmäinen kerta tämän blogin historiassa, kun en saa yhtään mitään kirjoitettua. Mutta ei anneta sen häiritä liikaa! I didn't blog anything on January. It was the first month in this blog's history when I didn't write anything. But never mind, let's see forward!   Kuva (c) M-M Korhonen   Pääsin tutustumaan 4 kk vanhaan sfinx-kissaan serkkuni luona. En koskaan ennen ollut päässyt näin lähelle...

Maajon Maailma -

  Season cat, spring Pattern from The Best Of Margaret Sherry. Started 15/01/2012 and finished 11/01/2015. Part of Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012.

Maajon Maailma -

Flower Fairies   (I didn't stitch wings) Started 15/01/2012 and finished 28/03/2015 Part of Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012

Maajon Maailma -

Season cat, summer Pattern from The Best Of Margaret Sherry. Started 15/01/2012 and finished 26/02/2015. Part of Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2012.   I started to think the cat's left paw and it's missing. The cat is totally weird from the left. :(

Keijunlilja- gloriosa superba -

    Crazy Janyary 2012 haasteen aloitukset on viimein aloitettu, kuvattu ja päivitetty.   1. Bent Ceek, February         2. Almond blossom fairy Tästä sarjasta minulla on monta keijua, yksikään ei ole tosin vielä valmis:D     3. Christmass Kiss, Forever Friends   Joululahjaksi jollekin joku päivä kenties?:D     4. Spirit of Knitting Angels Aloitin tämän työn jo ajat sitten, mutta onnistuin vedellä tuhuamaan sen paperin siihen kuntoon että uusi oli ostettava. Höh. :D  ...

Filosofian puutarhassa -

Tammikuun tunnelmat saattoi tiivistää minunkin osaltani tähän kuvaan. Tai niin minä luulin kunnes katselin tarkemmin mitä perheen kameroihin oli kertynyt. I was just about to claim that the photo below sums up my January quite well. Then, I realized that we have taken quite a few photos lately. Joulu meni rauhallisesti, mitä nyt aattona käytiin sukuloimassa. Tein sinne pitkästä aikaa kakun, mutta energiatason mukaisesti "siitä mistä aita on matalin"-teemalla. Polka-maitosuklaakakun...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

La Femme française pendant la guerre (FR 1918). Alexandre Devarennes. The frame enlargement gives an impression of the beautiful cinematography and refined toning. Photo: © ECPAD-14.18 A 975. FR 1918, D: Alexandre Devarennes, scen: René Jeanne, photog: Alphonse Gibory, cast: Suzanne Bianchetti, prod: Service Cinématographique de l’Armée (SCA); Service Photographique et Cinématographique de l’Armée (SPCA), 35 mm, 363 m, 19’54” (Pt. 1), 314 m., 17’10” (Pt. 2) =  677 m, 37 min...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Léon Bernard (1877 – 1935). Portrait de Léon Bernard, de la Comédie Française, tableau peint par Georges A. L. Boisselier, reproduit par A. Noyer, éditeur à Paris — carte postale du salon des artistes français de 1910 à Paris. Wikipédia. FR 1916, ?, story: Félicien Champsaur, cast: Le petit [Jean] Fleury (André), Léon Bernard (the postman), Marguerite Balza (André’s mother), Angèle Lerida (the postman’s wife), prod: Films Georges Lordier, dist: Agence Générale...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Der Gang in die Nacht (DE 1920), D: F. W. Murnau. With Conrad Veidt. Photo: Filmmuseum München. Please click to enlarge the image. Der Gang in die Nacht. Eine Tragödie in 5 Akten (Love’s Mockery) [Il cammino nella notte], F. W. Murnau (DE 1920), scen: Carl Mayer, based on a script by Harriet Bloch, photog: Nax Lutze, des: Heinrich Richter, cast: Olaf Fönss (Eigil Boerne), Erna Morena (Helene), Conrad Veidt (a blind painter), Gudrun Bruun-Steffensen (Lily), Clementine Plessner, prod...

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