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A multigenre short story collection. Publication year: 2017 Format: ebook Publisher: WMG Publishing This issue of Fiction River has stories from many genres. The theme of the collection is fast paced exciting stories and most of them deliver. There are stories with no SF/F elements at all, a couple of fantasy stories, a couple of […]

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But the MCU likewise consists of Disney+’s new programs, and Kevin Feige has actually made it clear that MCU fans are going to want to see or at least keep up with the new programs or they will not totally comprehend upcoming MCU movies. Question: Will Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight reveal up in Phase 4 films or will they be held for what we’re anticipating in Phase 5? Do you have any theories for how the new Marvel heroes will link with future MCU movies? Get ready for DisneyAll...