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BLOGitse -

  Is it? Blue is one of my favorite colors but I don’t feel sad at all! What is your favorite color? why?   These blues are for Theme Art November challenge ‘100 collage’           First picture of the series is here.     Huomaan että 100 kollaasiin kertyy vain sinisiä […]

Tina's -

You have an alternative design per area or perhaps a repeated design through out all your house hold. Carpet or rug permits independence involving this kind of artwork choices. Thorough reminder colors give a sense of deluxe. Violet is assigned to relaxing. Your selection of carpet or rug colors can help determine the atmosphere in every area Click here for more info >>> which helps personalize some of the kid's bed room, lounge comfortable and also specialized segments

BLOGitse -

  Hi everyone! The snow we got last week is all gone but November is here and it’s time to create images for How to survive November 2017 by Lepis. Theme is ‘SHADOWS and REFLECTIONS’ My first image, a shadow of a hand…     This image is for Paint Party Friday and Theme Art […]

BLOGitse -

  hahaa, it’s almost gone, yes!   ‘How to survive November’ by Lepis 2017   ‘shadows and reflections’     This is my last picture for this challenge this year. Bye, bye November, I will not miss you!

Light Scrape -

Colors 1 Colors 2 The photographs were taken on October 14th. It was rather cold today, temperature below 0 °C both in the morning and in the afternoon. I need to use the headlight in the bicycle, as darkness creeps in. So far this year I have got 5,393 km riding the bicycle. (Posting title is from the poem The Unreliable Narrator by Keith Waldrop.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Parallel lines -

Näin saatiin yhdessä jälleen yksi marraskuu selätettyä. Kiitos mukavista ja inspiroivista hetkistä Liplatus, Uuna, Millin, Ritva, Uuvana ja BLOGitse. Upeita tulkintojanne ja kuvia teemasta on ollut todella ilo seurata! Tämä teema toi minulle paljon uutta näkökulmaa ja valtavan määrän inspiraatiota valokuvaamisen. … Continue reading →

Unelmapistot -

Tänään on aika esitellä marraskuun pikkupistelyt. Aina jossain välissä sitä on ehtinyt muutamia pistojakin tekemään, vaikka yleisesti ottaen tuntuu siltä, ettei aikaa tahdo riittää käsitöille. Kaikenlaisia tapahtumia on ollut perhepiirissä ja yksi iloisimmista on, että olemme saaneet viidennen lapsenlapsen. Hänelle pistelin tuon Peatrix Potter pupun, joka on tulossa palaksi tilkkupeittoon. Joyful World SAL on tullut päätökseen ja tässä minun Joulukuu. Kaikki mallit ovat...

Light Scrape -

Colors The photograph was taken on October 14th. We are having cold and dry weather, but for the weekend the weather forecast promises somewhat warmer. Today I commuted by car and train, but tomorrow I'm once again riding the bicycle. In Finland, the amount of taxes carried for each person and company is public information. Today was the day the information was released for the year 2016, and this produced quite a lot of interest and discussions. (Posting title is from the poem Pyrography by...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Frantz. An encounter in 1919 at Frantz's grave in Germany: Frantz's fiancée Anna (Paula Beer) and the Frenchman Adrien (Pierre Niney). Frantz. Frantz's mother Magda (Marie Gruber), Adrien, Anna, and Frantz's father, Doktor Hans Hoffmeister (Ernst Stötzner). Frantz's family wants Adrien to play, but music has died in the war. Frantz. A day with swimming. Only Adrien swims; Anna cannot swim. Afterwards Anna notices the battle scars on Adrien's stomach. Frantz / Frantz. FR/DE © 2016 Mandarin...

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE The wind is howling. No too bad, but hard enough to make Ruusu anxious. She hates the electric shortages, that often occur when it blows strongly; she is mentally preparing herself to get scared. I am sitting on the armchair with the laptop on my lap, she is lying on the couch, but she keeps looking at me, if I am worried, thus should she cast herself in the mood of something terrible happening…  Väinö is not at the least bothered. Today it is...

SusuPetal PhotoGallery -

  Värikollaasi #78 Color Collage    Filed under: color collages, hand made, näyttelyt/exhibitions, Susu's Petals Tagged: color collage, exhibitions, hand made, In colour, photos

Parallel lines -

Shadows and reflections – the dam – Tänään alkoivat seinät kaatua niskaan ja ajelin kanavalle katsomaan löytyisikö kivoja heijastuksia. Helpotti vähän. The walls started crumbling down today, had to get out to the canal to see if there were some … Continue reading →

BLOGitse -

  November in 2017 by Lepis       We all need energy to survive

Haaveilijan kotona -

This is the the time of the year, when I'd just like to stay home, watch the candles burn and make some handicrafts. I get inspirations. But sadly I seldom have the time to start working on new creations. Maybe one day. This month, I hope.

Light Scrape -

Colors The photograph was taken on September 14th. (Posting title is from the poem Scenes of Life at the Capital by Philip Whalen.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Parallel lines -

Räntäpäivä, kaupungista tuli hetkeksi valkoinen. Nyt se taitaa olla jo mennyttä. Some watery snow fell today and made the city white. By now it’s almost gone. Shadows and reflections – sleet – TallennaTallenna Advertisements

Christian Irjala -

Parallel lines -

Uuups, meinas mennä pitkäks! Hyvä syy, kävin konsertissa. Ups, almost late! Have a good reason, went to a concert. Shadows and reflections – Raskasta Joulua / Heavy X-mas – Marco Hietala: Varpunen jouluaamuna JP Leppäluoto: Konstan Joululaulu TallennaTallenna TallennaTallenna TallennaTallenna … Continue reading →

Värriön luontopäiväkirja - Varrio nature diary -

Vuodenajan kuvia. Kirkkaan illan (iltapäivän) viiletessä marraskuun lopulla, kaamosvärit viriävät (kuva Värriön kairasta 22.11.2004). Photos of the season. Clear and cloudless late November afternoons create the Lapland colors to the sky, like here in Varrio wilderness on 22.11.2004.

Needles and Pins -

Somehow I'm so into decoration right now. Especially our balcony needs huge changes/ modification. I will post before and after photos when it's done. After lazy morning we went to thrift stores. I tried to find some furnitures, but I ended up finding these instead.. Dior nail polish. Oh! Condition is great and and the bottle is full. This cost only one euro. Old and beautiful. Finally I have solution how to use a few dresses that are somewhat transparent. A bit color for my summer to come. I...

Värriön luontopäiväkirja - Varrio nature diary -

Vuodenajan kuvia. Värriötunturista Nuorttitunturiin, 20.11.2004 Photos of the season. From Varrio fell towards Nuortti fell, 20.11.2004

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