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Mikko Koskinen - Politiikkaa, tietokniikkaa ja yrittäjyyttä -

In my last post, I started to create a Feedback form that is using the new possibility to us PowerApps for SharePoint Online list form customization. The first part shows how to create a separated forms for View, Edit, and New action. You should check that out first because we will extend that functionality on […]

Mikko Koskinen - Politiikkaa, tietokniikkaa ja yrittäjyyttä -

Last month Microsoft announced a long waited functionality where you can use PowerApps to customize the modern list forms in Office 365. Customizing the OOTB SharePoint list forms is something we have done for years already, and everyone has done customizations in multiple different ways. But when the new modern lists were announced, all of […]