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Finnpundit -

A comment left by a poster named Mara (No. 64), at Phil's Finland For Thought site, provides an insight as to how state-rationing of universal health care really works in Finland: “On the health care front, the state declared that the municipalities have to provide a “guaranteed access to care” within 6 months of first patient contact. In a caricature of implementation the guaranteed response turned out to be a phone call between the health provider and the patient within 6 months from...

Nordic Exposure -

I like my mother-in-law. We are members of a same club. Six years ago somebody got a brilliant idea that H's mother and sister should get together and have some fun with my mother and sisters and me. At that time H and I had lived together nearly ten years so our parents and siblings knew each other slightly but they hadn't met that often let alone spent any time together. In some families that kind of situation might be ideal, but we had a hunch that especially the womenfolk of our families...

Office life -

I cannot believe -I had an amazing day in office today. How can such a little shift in the attitude change things in this immense? (See my blog from yesterday -I decided to take it easy in office) Well, I tell you some of them: 1. I received chocolate (tasty truffels) from my immediate team colleagues. Yuh-huh-huu!!!! Party time!! (Ok here I have to admit that I have influenced on this BUT I have proved it that even Finnish men learn...6 months ago my team collagues did not bring anything with...

Finn again wakes -

No, this post is not about Iraq, or any other political issue I have normally written about. This is about... wait for it... TV! Hooray! In recent days I have been so fortunate as to be exposed to some quality TV: I´ve spent hours on end watching old Monty Python stuff, and I´ve also enjoyed watching numerous episodes of the 1967 British classic, The Prisoner . I must say nothing that has been produced in recent years comes even close to the brilliance of these two classics. To prove my...

Hyväksyttävää sisältöä -

the only cousin i can really talk to is my 70-something year-old mad professor/scientist. today he told me some family secrets, kept pulling me upstairs to the bedrooms so we could talk in private. it was weird. but we are both kind of obsessed with remembering facts about family. his father changed his family name. i don't know the original name, were jewish, but stopped practicing. immigrants from austria. i think he was involved in the manhattan project. i have chills thinking about it. i...

Through a looking glass -

Yesterday, reading about Fallujah while looking at background material for a demonstration outside the BBC, donating to an emergency response to help the refugees, listening to Patti Smith's song cash , I was overcome by an unexpected emotion. Thinking about the reported 70% of buildings destroyed, homes in ruins, hundreds of thousands of refugees, hundreds massacred, rotting corpses eaten by dogs on the streets, continuing killing, I am overcome by anguish. I am engulfed in a state of shock...

sanest days are mad -

thanks to, gin gin for the idea and feedback spaniel for feedback jodi for the beta, xx this was written mostly written at work, partly at the back of a tractor. (and in the tradition of shit titles..) I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU peter watched the smoke as it curled up the stale indoor air. the room smelled like ciggies, whiskey stains on the carpet and like the window hadn't been opened in years. he stared at the scribbles on the opposite wall; they were too far to read though. he sucked...

talsi -

(Subject: Travel stories III: Edinburgh continued (some light reading for you for the rainy days...)) X)It always rains. I read in the papers that this June was the rainiest here for decades - but I can't really say I was surprised; I seem to bring the rain with me. The October I lived here was also the wettest in Scotland for more than 30 years... On the other hand, during the twelve months I lived here, I also experienced the hottest day in the UK ever since the records began. Anyway, it...


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