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Polymer Zen - askartelumassailua ja koruja -

So, just for fun I made these crazy-ass beads. The first batch went haywire. Firts everything looked good; I made these pretty, multicolored beads. Only after baking I noticed that 1) instead of white pearly powder I had used silver powder, which efectively transfered all my thoughfully colored beads to solid silver color, and that 2) while turning the heat for baking down from 130C to 110C, I had accidentally turned the heat *up* to 150C, which made the bead go, uh. melty. So, that was that...

Glittra - Fredrikas smycken -

Här följer några armband och halsband jag tidigare gjort. De är ganska enkla, vilket jag föredrar då jag håller på och pärlar. Jag är ju ännu också på nybörjarstadiet fastän jag hållit på en liten tid… Snart borde det komma lite nya smycken.

Memoirs of a gaijin -

Okay, let's blog, blog, blog. I'm leaving Hiroshima tomorrow, but this is still at Kyoto. After getting settled in Kyoto. I decided to spend the second day exploring the city and leave the last day for Nara. I made a plan to take the Lonely Planet's advice and started with a walking trip in Higashiyama, which is supposed to be the number one sightseeing district in Kyoto. It at least was popular among tourists, both Japanese and foreign. My route started at Kiyomizudera, which was a finalist...

Sähkötupakka - Tupakoinnin lopettaminen -

Valtavan kokoinen, jäätävän tyylikäs ja hervottoman akkukestävyyden omaava amerikkalainen Silver Bullet on mahtava näky. Koko sähkötupakkateollisuuden kummajaisessa ei muovia ole. Kaikki osat vaihdettavaa patruunaa lukuunottamatta ovat jämäkkää lentokonealumiinia. Laite onkin kiinalaisia muovisia tupakoita suorituskykyisempi eikä edes pyri näyttämään oikealta savukkeelta. Laitetta voi tilata joko englantilaisesta tai amerikkalaisesta verkkokaupasta, ja erikoista on ettei...

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

The Power and the Glory. Colleen Moore (Sally Garner), Spencer Tracy (Tom Garner). Hans andra hustru / Potenza e gloria. Director: William K. Howard. Year: 1933. Country: USA. Section: William K. Howard: Rediscovering a Master Stylist.     Sog., Scen.: Preston Sturges. F.: James Wong Howe. M.: Paul Weatherwax. Scgf.: Max Parker.     Int.: Spencer Tracy (Tom Garner), Colleen Moore (Sally Garner), Ralph Morgan (Henry), Helen Vinson (Eve Borden), Clifford Jones (Tom Garner Jr.), Henry Kolker...

Oppitori -

Näissä on sanakirja mukana, jos on asennettuna jonkin selaimen asiaan kuuluva lisäosa, Chromessa   tämä . Sillä saa käännöksetkin eri kielillä. Samat sanat ovat täällä linkitettyinä Basic English -wikipediaan. come • get • give • go • keep • let • make • put • seem • take • be • do • have • say • see • send • may • will • about • across • after • against • among • at • before • between • by • down • from • in • off •...

Light Scrape -

River 1 River 2 River 3 The photographs of river Vantaa were taken at Kytäjä-Usmi on May 13th. Here in Finland things are not fine. Yesterday the "True Finns" party elected a convicted racist Jussi Halla-aho as their leader, and all chair persons of the Finns Party are hardcore anti-immigrants. The Finnish government could fall as a result, and in fact this might be the best case scenario. As a sidenote, the Norwegian far-right terrorist and mass murderer Anders Breivik (now known as Fjotolf...

suzi9mm -

plusses: -netflix has good new stuff (Bright was...interesting, but Mindhunter is great, and new season of Black Mirror is always welcome) -our home is warm, unlike many other british homes, so i dont take it for granted minuses: -might need to change my nail salon, the guy i go to is just getting rougher every time, maybe he hates me :/ -husband is doing 3 nights shifts now so he is gonna be pretty much MIA i hate cooking especially & additionally for all the language probs it involves when...

Desperatehell -

Finally I managed to take pictures about the new dress that I made recently. I have enjoyed sewing a lot after a break and there is coming more projects soon among other things a new corset and harness. In addition we bought a fabric for my boyfriend's trousers. I love making of clothes, but other affairs have demanded time and so I have had quite impossible to arrange time for sewing. But now I want to change this direction and start sewing regularly again. The dress is made of satin and it's...

Freodom -

That night the Company was again summoned to the chamber of Celeborn, and there the Lord and Lady greeted them with fair words. Celeborn and Galadriel tell the Fellowship that it's about time they cleared out, and offer each of them the choice of heading onward or going back home. It's a good point: in War of the Ring , this can be a good moment to split off some companions from the Fellowship, especially if you've got an event card like There and Back Again. This time, however, everyone stays...

Sterling Silver Wire -

... I blog anything anywhere. So lets see how this turns out. Hopefully better than my first silver necklace, which didn't turn out so bad. At least I like it, but some people might think otherwise. Of course with more experience and practice I am able to make better job, but anyway, so far so good. But lets go down to business. This is quite simple 2-in-2 chain. Rings are 1mm thick silver wire, inner diamater is 5mm. Chain is about 45 cm long. I wasn't looking how long it took me to make, but...

Sterling Silver Wire -

This time I managed to make a bracelet. I'm actually quite suprised how nice it looks. And it's still unpolished. This time I had a more or less clear goal, so this didn't take that long to make. I also had some rings left from my necklace. The bracelet is 16 cm long and 2,1 cm wide. I used 1 mm thick silver wire to make the rings which have inner diameter of 5mm. The weave is standard European 4-1. I found it a bit difficult to start, but after few rows it became just plain boring to make. I...

Sterling Silver Wire -

Long time no posts. Well, the holiday season is about over and I finally have time to do other things than visit relatives etc. That's fine and all, but you get tired of it after a while. This time I decided to make a necklace. Well, actually, I had to dismantle and redo the blasted thing so many times that probably it would be better to say that it turned out to be a necklace. The weave is called Japanese 3-1. The thing is about 43,5 cm long and weighs roughly 50 grams. Or in other words, a...

Light Scrape -

View 1 View 2 View 3 View 4 View 5 The photographs were taken in Espoo on June 24, while exploring the Glims river. Today I circled by bicycle Helsinki and Espoo seaside landscape, early in the morning when it was quite cool. Some places were populated, for example market squares and monuments where tourists go sightseeing. (Posting title is from the poem The Second Coming by Yeats.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

ETF, Indeksirahasto, rahastot, osakkeet,sijoittaminen -

Silver Mining Stock Earnings Queued for Nov 8: HL, SSRI, ASM This year silver is shining bright gaining 31% so far. The precious white metal, currently at $18.22 an ounce, has even outshone gold’s 19% gain.Worries over the global economy, Brexit-induced volatile equity markets, the Fed’s stance to maintain steady interest rates and the introduction … Continue reading "Silver Mining Stock Earnings Queued for Nov 8: HL, SSRI, ASM"

Bishop creations -

Novita Silver -thread, 30 cm diameter. Made for school’s Christmas bazaar. The thread is a lot sparklier but you can’t really see it from the pics.

ETF, Indeksirahasto, rahastot, osakkeet,sijoittaminen -

Silver Mining Stock Earnings Queued for Nov 8: HL, SSRI, ASM This year silver is shining bright gaining 31% so far. The precious white metal, currently at $18.22 an ounce, has even outshone gold’s 19% gain. Worries over the global economy, Brexit-induced volatile equity markets, the Fed’s stance to maintain steady interest rates and the … Continue reading "Silver Mining Stock Earnings Queued for Nov 8: HL, SSRI, ASM"

ETF, Indeksirahasto, rahastot, osakkeet,sijoittaminen -

Silver Standard Resources Inc. (TSE:SSO) has been in a buying mood the past few years. Most recently, the Company failed in an attempt with Gold Fields to takeover Kirkland Lake Gold (TSE:KLG). Despite this setback, don’t be surprised if Silver Standard Resources has been looking elsewhere for another acquisition, and given its purchase history we’ve … Continue reading "Silver Standard Resources Could Be Targeting One of These Gold Miners"

earthbeat -

This is my list of environment-related facts, which, in my opinion, every environmentalist should know: Most polluted country in the  world:  The most polluted country in the world is also the most populated one, China .Of the top ten most polluted cities on Earth, seven are in China, including Taiyuan, Beijing, and Urumqi. Reference :  Pollution Index, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Pollution _in_ China Greenest country in the world: The greenest country in the world is Sweden, one of the...

Light Scrape -

View 1 View 2 View 3 View 4 The photographs were taken on December 4th at Pitkäkoski rapids by Vantaanjoki river in Helsinki. I commuted by bicycle today. Because of the cold weather it was once again nice to ride across the central park in Helsinki. The paths were frozen solid, no mud at all. There was slippery ice in only some isolated spots. During the last two weeks I did some long walks on hard surfaces using my hunting boots, and that was a mistake. My left heel has been hurting. Riding...

Arde arvioi -

Siirtyminen uudelleen Yard Houseen, nyt kävellen kuumassa illassa. Päivän  toinen River Dog -näyte, pilsissä 5,6%. Maltainen, viljainen, hieman nihkeän tukkoinen. Rapeus ei avaudu ja peräkärry jää täyttämättä. Sinänsä ei huono yritys, mutta matkaa jää alan klassikoihin. Greenville (SC), Yard House, 20.8.2017.

Korufilosofiaa -

Kävi ystävä kylässä ja hämmästyin, kun keräilin hänelle näytille töitäni. Koko keittiönpöytä tuli pullolleen kaikenlaista, osa valmista ja osa vasta materiaalia-aihioina. Koen, etten ole ollut kovinkaan tuottava tai että inspaantunut, mutta aina sitä on varastetuilla hetkillä tai jollakin kurssintyngällä jotain tullut tehtyäkin. Kuvassa hopeapajan aikaansaannoksiani. Vitsihän on, että ajattelin keskittyä korviksiin, kun en ole niitä juurikaan väsäillyt. Ja sitten on...

Light Scrape -

River The photograph was taken on July 21st. I have got 4,090 km riding the bicycle this year, of which 2,220 km since the beginning of May. Today I realized the tire pressure was low, and did some pumping. (Posting title is from the poem Oenone by Lord Tennyson.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Arde arvioi -

Toinen olut BMW-siirtymällä, South Carolinan IPAa Ridgelandistä, 6,3%. Hieman hedelmäisempi kuin edellinen, lähinnä sitrusta. Hartsia löytyy, mutta katkeroakin on enemmän. Parempi tapaus kuin edellinen, mutta ei mitään huipputasoa. Greenville (SC), Yard House, 20.8.2017.

...noir -

Entinen poliitikkojen turvamies sekä kansallissankari ja nykyinen alkoholisoitunut itsetuhoinen asennevammainen yksityisetsivä Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) saa toimeksiannon suojella ns. eksoottista tanssijaa Corya (Halle Berry) koska hän joku uhkaa häntä. No, joku vei uhkauksensa murhaan saakka ja nyt Hallenebeck joutuu vastentahtoisesti työskentelemään Coryn poikaystävän, entinen jalkapallosuuruuden ja nykyisen kokkelipään Jimmy Dixin (Damon Wayans) kanssa yhteistyössä...

Nenna & Co. -

If your home has experienced flood damage from a nearby river overflowing then you need to have a professional company come in to your home and check your foundation . It is amazing how much damage a flood can cause and much of the damage may be unnoticed at first. This is a reason why you want to use a reputable flood restoration company to examine your complete home including your foundation. A reputable flood restoration company will be able to tell you if your home requires foundation...

Blue Butterfly - Gateway to Art -

If you are going to Cairo, Egypt do not miss opportunity to visit an exhibition of the Egyptian Art. The exhibition located in the down-town close to the river Nile and next to Opera-house ( metro Opera). Its a 3 floors building full of paintings of Egyptian artists from the different time periods. The entrance fee is just couple of euros. Some of the works I am presenting in this slide-show. Enjoy!

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