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Nuudelisoppa -

I spent the last few days online trying to get Mattermost working on my home server. It looks like a promising replacement for Slack, very polished and professional and the installation process is well documented. The only twist was that, since I’m already running Apache on the server, I figured I’d set it up to … Continue reading "Strange problems with self-hosted Mattermost? It might be your router’s fault"

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Ferdinand von Wright: Forest Landscape from Haminalahti (1880). Finnish National Gallery / Ateneum Art Museum. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Hannu Pakarinen. This magical painting looks profoundly different when examined at close range. God is in the detail. Please do click on the images to enlarge them. Veljekset von Wright / Bröderna von Wright / Brothers von Wright     Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki, 27.10.2017–25.2.2018     Over 300 works on display.     Museum director...

Mervi's Book reviews -

Collects Birds of Prey issues 12-21 and Nightwing 45-46 (1999-2000). Writer: Chuck Dixon Artist: Dick Giordano, Jordi Ensign, Patrick Zircher, Greg Land, Drew Geraci, Butch Guice, Jackson Guice The collection starts with a bang, when Dinah is sneaking to a train guarded by heavily armored U. S. Marshalls. It turns out that they’re escorting supervillains […]

Wanderlust -

We’re the boys of the ocean. Our first steps were on the sand, as well as our first dates. We came here those days when we skipped school and when we felt sad or angry. We ran countless times into those foamy waves and countless times we were thrown back… Read the post About birds, sea and fishermen. Pacific coast of Mexico.

Mervi's Book reviews -

The very first BoP collection. Collects BLACK CANARY/ORACLE: BIRDS OF PREY #1, BIRDS OF PREY: REVOLUTION #1, and SHOWCASE ’96 #3, BIRDS OF PREY: MANHUNT #1-4 Writers: Chuck Dixon, Jordan B. Gorfunkle Artists: Gary Frank, Stephano Raffaele, Matt Haley, Jennifer Graves, Sal Buscema I’ve read the Birds of Prey comic for some years and when […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

Collects Birds of Prey issues 1-11 and Birds of Prey: Ravens 1 (from 1998). Writer: Chuck Dixon Artist: Greg Land, Drew Geraci, Nelson DeCastro, Peter Krause, The first Birds of Prey run collected! The teamwork of Oracle and the Black Canary strengthens and so does their friendship, even though Dinah still doesn’t know who Oracle […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

Collects Birds of Prey issues 56-61. Writer: Gail Simone Artists: Ed Benes, Alex Lei Oracle and the Black Canary are going after a CEO who is going to embezzle the funds of his own company and flee the country. Dinah does a nice job scaring him out of it but unfortunately, the man isn’t doing […]

Utua 2 -

New York is full of restaurants and successful Latino culture. As you can imagine it was not an easy task to put together a list of those who eat, Latino restaurants . Limit some of the guidelines. Each restaurant was nominated by a panel of local people. Restaurants were evaluated on the basis of the quality of authenticity, power and access for all, regardless of budget. After much work, it is a pleasure to introduce this amazing list. A swallowing and drinking, THAT is a great World !  ...

Mervi's Book reviews -

Collects Birds of Prey issues 69-75 Writer: Gail Simone Artists: Ed Benes, Ron Adrian, Jim Fern, Eduardo Baretto, Eric Battle, Rob Lea, Steve Biro, Andrew Bepoy, Rodney Ramos This collection has one main storyline and a couple of more stand-alone issues at the end. Three teenagers have killed themselves wearing the costumes of dead superheroes […]

Mervi's Book reviews -

Collects Birds of Prey issues 62-68. Writer: Gail Simone Artists: Ed Benes, Alex Lei, Michael Golden, Joe Bennett, Cliff Richards, Ruy Jose, Mike Manley, Scott Hanna The Black Canary’s martial arts sensei is dying, and she’s travelled to Hong Kong to meet him. However, at his side she finds another former student: Shiva. Shiva is […]

Raspberry lady -

I have a terrible summer flu, I had to stay home today. My throat have been sore - couldn't speak or eat much. I haven't made many or 'big' things today but a little stitchery any way. It was one motif from a Gardener's Journal called 'Birds in the tree'. Aren't they cute? Have a warm and happy summer weekend!

~*~ Amore Vintage ~*~ -

I got many requests about making more French themed necklaces. While making these pieces made me miss France so much! Can't wait to go back!  Anyway, here they are one-of-a-kind necklaces (I hate mass productions!), first come first serve. Le moineau de Paris - necklace *SOLD* Oxidized sterling silver chain, 16' Sterling silver plated sparrow & circle & Paris charm, oxidized Price: 19 EUR Marie - necklace *SOLD* Sterling silver heart chain, 16' Large Swarovski crystal pearl, creme Swarovski...

RealWorld . . . can it be? -

Cars are like birds. Or fish. They move in tight flocks, maneuvering in harmonic unison. Each car following tightly the movements of the whole flock: When the flock turns, each car turns; when the flock stops, each car stops. - Right? How else could cars run just a couple of meters apart at over 100 km/h? What the birds and fish can easily do, the cars can not do. So they collide when something unexpected happens. Causing death, injury and damage. Yet each driver has agreed to play by common...

Visiting Europe with Vespa -

Prague, Czech Again I found a hotel with no other Internet than just a computer in the lobby, so again just a short update without pictures. Yesterday I had some strange weather. When I left Bratislava, I first stated to drive toward Hungary, but just before the border it started to rain, heavy rain. I […]

Hundredpics -

Bearded Reedlings are back in Espoo. The birds were away for many years.  Now they can be found in the same place than five years ago.

Belle Époque Wedding Diary -

Kävimme vuoden ikäisen ja kohta kolme vuotta täyttävien lapsien kanssa Nokian Edenissä kylpylässä. Löytyi hyvä kylpylätarjous. Kävimme samalla Särkänniemessä ja tässä hyviä vinkkejä lapsien kanssa matkaaville.

Mervi's Book reviews -

A fantasy book set in near future. Publication year: 2016 Format: ebook Publisher: TOR Page count: 319 Six-year old Patricia Delfine finds a wounded little bird and it talks to her. It leads her to a Tree who tell her that she’s a witch and gives her a riddle. She can’t answer it and even […]

Bissen buduaari -

Vaikka Pitkäperjantai on kirkkovuoden ainoa surujuhla niin toivon meidän kaikkien sydämmiin kirkkautta ja valoa. Toiveissa kuitenkin kevät tuo ihana vuodenaika joka tuo rakastamani perhoset ja kukat silmiemme eteen. Vaikka omassa elämässäni nyt surun ja murheen aika niin haluan uskoa uudistumiseen ja että tulee taas onnellisempia aikoja. Otinpa taas rakkaat Fiskarsin kahvalävistimet käyttöön .Ja tipusiahan siitä syntyi.Kaikki paperisälä tuli myös tuhottua. Opettelin samalla taas...

Light Scrape -

Snow The photograph was taken on March 25th. This morning I walked two hours in Nuuksio, circling around lake Kattilajärvi. Birds were singing, woodpeckers were knocking, and ice was moaning. It is spring. Yesterday I changed summer tires to the car. One tire was stuck and it took a while to get it loose. Today I changed summer tires to the bicycle, doing some cleaning and repairs as well. The front tire is a bit worn, and I pondered whether I should replace it with a new tire, but I guess the...

Light Scrape -

Display 1 Display 2 Display 3 Display 4 The photographs were taken yesterday morning in the north parts of Nuuksio, within a swamp that is circled by hills from all sides. It is the time of courtship display for capercaillies. Never before has it happened that one of the birds comes to present himself to me, and was not afraid at all. The bird followed me a couple of hundred meters across the swamp, and I took a lot of photographs, but had to leave because my fingers and toes were getting cold...

What will I ever do with my life? -

At your own peril: It'll be a long and wine-y road back to blogging. You'll see. Now that I have delegated the pungent mommyness - shit, spit and all that gore - from this blog to my other place of neglect and randomness (not a euphemism for what you're thinking, I swear), my new (and as of yet very bare and simplified, cough cough, hrmph, stupid Blogger keeps fucking changing on me all the time, at least once a year, grumble, what's with the 'need for growth?', whine) blog about bringing up a...

Lassen -

Teaching Math in 1950: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit? Teaching Math in 1960: A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit? Teaching Math in 1970: A logger exchanges a set "L" of lumber for a set "M" of money. The cardinality of set "M" is 100. Each element is worth one dollar. Make 100 dots representing the elements of the set "M". The set "C"...

Needles and Pins -

Lately I've been really tired and busy somehow. When I've had the time I've been sitting in our balcony with our two cats. They've been running around being so excited about fresh spring air and birds (and the fact that when things get too scary they can run indoors). I've tried to sew some of my unfinished projects but I've been too tired to do even that. I made a promise to myself that this week I will only modify and fix some garments and start doing something new next week. So, I promise...

DancesWithWool -

Normal 0 21 false false false FI X-NONE X-NONE The sun came out since we last talked. She still stays very low above the horizon, but as her delicate, shy rays hit my dusty rooms, I was shocked. I threw myself into cleaning mode. The temperature has been way down, -30ºC during some of the days. It is too cold to stay outside much, so there has been lots of time to clean. I am not nearly done yet, and not sure for how long I am inspired to keep going, but let’s hope lots gets done. This...

Pienen koiran isot luulot -

Tosin tulosta syntyi vain yhden kisan verran, mutta kuitenkin: Oulussa OKK:n kisoissa saatiin sunnuntaina 12.5. voitto 10 virhepisteellä. Sari ja Jeppe, OKK 12.5.2013 D-rata, 1. sija, 10 vp Ilmeisesti Eija Berglundin radat olivat muille jotenkin vaikeita, me kuusamolaiset päästiin sitten pokkailemaan palkintoja vaikka nollaratoja ei juuri tehtykään... Emmi ja Misti olivat kahdesti 3. sijalla 5 virhepisteellä ja Ansku ja Nyytti samoin 3. sijalla muistaakseni 10 virhepisteellä, kunnes...

Loreal Blondi -

Chocolate, Coffee and Cards Challense #30    For the Birds - Linnuista Bluebird is singing just for You! Sininen on lempivärini, arvasitkin varmaan :) Taustana lehtikuvaa ja suklaarasian pehmusteen sisustaa (tuo kuplainen raita). Paljon lumiainetta maisemaleimakuvaan ja vähän sinistä. Samoja aineita myös voittona saatuun oksiin ja lintuun. Ne ovat ruskeita pahvileikkeitä. Erottuvat kivasti koholleen kuvasta. Sinisinä käytin Mementoa ja ProMarkereita sekaisin. *** Päivä jolloin en...

Levottomat sormet -

Puolitoista viikkoa sitten olin Lappeenrannan neulojien neuleviikonlopussa Tuhannen tarinan talossa Luumäellä. Menomatkalla poikkesin Urheilu Koskimiehen 43-v synttäreillä. Kaupassa on viime vuosina perinteisesti annettu synttärivuosien määrän suuruinen alennus prosentteina, eli tällä kertaa alennus oli 43% normaalihinnoista. Alennus tietysti houkutteli paljon väkeä kauppaan, mutta onneksi isoon kauppaan mahtuu paljon väkeä.   Mukaan tarttuivat Merrellin paljasjalkakengät...

Hundredpics -

Another picture of this magnificent bird photographed in Utajärvi, Finland.

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