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 Kuvat Margit Mannila Some links about organizational ecology and systemic ecology + system theory: Atsushi Akera href="http://www.rpi.edu/%7Eakeraa/">home pages Constructing a Representation for an Ecology of Knowledge . Social Studies of Science, 37(3), 413-441 (2007) DOI: 10.1177/0306312706070742 © 2007 SAGE Publications (30.10.2017) Bailey, K. Barnett, W. P.(1990). Published Research Stanford University - Graduate School of Business. Boone, Christophe ( Academic Bibliography ) &...

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Henrik Mårtensson at Kallokain thinks so. He has a blog post up titled 19 Ways to Survive the Crisis Without Firing People where he does lot of acronym dropping, but at the same time managed to give at least to me some new things to look into. Especially Donella Meadows list of places to intervene in System was interesting. Managed to skim trough it, but I think I'll have come back to this list after I have given some thought to it.