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International University Audentes Student Union -

Payback plays at club La Passion on September 18. Get your tickets from Bill, John or Reet! Only 300! Find more info from posters around campus!

International University Audentes Student Union -

Student Services informed us that the year stickers for the existing Estonian Student Cards are going to be available at the Student Services office starting from next week.    Regarding to the Estonian Student Cards for the Freshmen students, Student Government is trying to solve the problem with Tallinn University of Technology. At the moment […]

The Darklight -

Hallo! I am no longer a self published author. Yes, I have just signed a contract with the italian publisher Lettere Animate, which will publish both my novels: Orpheus Il Demone dello specchio - Orpheus saga vol.2- under their wings. So, both my books have been removed from kobo, Amazon and Lulu. Have a good weekend you all...mine will be surely good although I am still in the mood " Is this really true?" Spring greetings to all of you!!!

International University Audentes Student Union -

The students who have not obtained their Estonian Student Cards can order their cards from the office of Student Services starting from September 23, 2008. In order to obtain the card you must be an enrolled student of IUA. For more information please contact Student Services

International University Audentes Student Union -

Greetings from Student Government! We would like to welcome all students and faculty to a new semester in a new university! We are all students of Tallinn University of Technology from now on. We hope that the changes are for the better and wish that all goes well.

The Darklight -

Hallo my darlings! I haven't disappeared and I haven't stop writing. I did lot of readings for my italian blog where I review books, and work at my own too. The last months have been very busy because I had to complete the second book of the trilogy Orpheus, which will be out  in a few days, so the Publisher told me. The trilogy, which at the moment comprehend only 2 books, the third is an on going work,  will be available only in italian at the moment, although I am planning to translate it...

International University Audentes Student Union -

The newly elected Student Government would like to wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all students, faculty and staff of International University Audentes. Student Government urges everybody to enjoy their holidays and to gather strength for the final exams in January. See you all on spring semester!

International University Audentes Student Union -

International University Audentes Student Government publishes the announcement for elections. The schedule for the elections is available in three languages, English, Estonian and Russian.  The election regulations will be published when the registration of candidates begins.  For more information please contact Student Government.

Design Finland - Finnish Design -

Design Finland - Finnish Design has been very quiet during the last year. Still we have a steady number of visitors, looking for interesting information and news about design in Finland and Finnish design. We also have a number of...

My Muse -

Legendaarinen theoutnet . com on aukaissut sivustonsa ! Hengittäkää syvään ennen kuin jatkatte lukemista, ettei mopo lähde ihan keulimaan ... Kuten jo aikaisemmassa viestissäni jokin aika sitten kirjoittelin , theoutnet . com on uusi eräänlainen net-a-porter . com:n netti-outlet - sivusto . Vielä jokin aika sitten surkuttelin sitä, että net-porter . com:lla ei ole enää ale-osiota , mutta nyt asiat ovat enemmän kuin hyvin, sillä The Outnet on paljon parempi kuin muutamasta...

Paeonia -

The #1 daily newspaper in Sweden as to distribution and readership, DN , has an article on movies and audience screening. The reporter, who's taken part in such a testing, describes the process of having a say on how entertaining a movie is and presents an overview of the available methods of film screening on the Swedish market. This is where our iDTV Lab appears. Although the Americans have carried the system of movie test screenings to an extreme, many of the technical progresses are made...

58:61:66 -

The band has decided to lay the groundwork for their next album now, at the turn of the tide. The second album, carrying the project name MAGNUM OPUS, will dig deep into the murderous depths of dark, experimental industrial noise metal, unearthing the unspeakable and renewing the industrial music world once and for all. The […]

58:61:66 -

Älymystö is proud to present the first album since Atomgrad, Unsealed (2002 – 2013). What you get is a collection of unreleased tracks from Älymystö’s 11 year old journey, reimaginings from songs that are already familiar to you, and something totally new you haven’t yet heard even on gigs. Get the album from Band Camp, […]

58:61:66 -

Just a quick update: Unfortunately Älymystö will NOT be performing live in Tallinn 31st of August 2013 because of double booking at the venue. Our apologies for the misinformation and hoping to get to perform in Tallinn soon again. Luckily it’s not all bad news. We have also received a booking for live show in […]

My Muse -

Torstaina H&M:llä myyntiin tulee Matthew Williamsonin designaama mallisto, mistä blogissanikin jo aikoja sitten kirjoittelin. Osa Hollywood-tähdistä on kuitenkinkin jo esiintynyt näissä tulevan malliston luomuksissa kuten ylemmän kuvan Nicky Hilton ja Katy Perry. Mitä mieltä olette tuosta strutsimekosta? Sopiva kesäpartyihin vai liian villi suomalaiseen makuun? Itse en nyt hirmuisen innolla tuota torstaista mallistoa odota, mutta mahdollisesti tulen sen tsekkaamaan... Enemmän odotan...

Babbling about movies -

The movies released this year and which we have either reviewed or seen will from now on be summarised in a chart that you can find in the right hand side image link :) Check in there if you don't immediately find the movie you are looking for!

58:61:66 -

Älymystö is headlining the Alternative Party 2013 in friday the 18th of October. The event will be held in Suvilahti, Helsinki. Friends and foes, come and join the celebration in a festival of digital culture attended by coders, musicians, designers, hackers, and other digital enthusiasts! We are planning a special set for the evening, but […]

International University Audentes Student Union -

We apologize for possible errors and problems in viewing the iuasu.eu website. The system is undergoing some maintenance and upgrading.

International University Audentes Student Union -

List of Candidates published by the Electoral Committee: 1. Canyon Porter 2. Elia Elenius 3. Elina Krievina 4. Kaspar Sari 5. Lubova Uvarova 6. Markku Räsänen 7. Natalja Nikolajeva 8. Philip Livchitz 9. Sami Nisametdin 10. Sofja Derjugina 11. Tetyana Kasima   For further information, please turn to the Electoral Committee.

International University Audentes Student Union -

The IUA Student Government mourns the passing of Ellen Heitman, the first Chairman of the IUA Student Government. Ellen acted as the Chairman of the newly founded International University Concordia Audentes Student Government in 2003-2004. People remember Ellen as a very good speaker and a good leader of the Student Body. She was also intolerant […]

Kerttumme maailmalla -

Hyvää naisten päivää! Tässä yksi näkökulma naisen elämään Britanniassa vuonna 2012. Kun hallituksessa on naisia 21/119 (!) ministeristä, naisten ja miesten punnan ero on 15,5% ja arvioiden mukaan naisten maksettavaksi lankeaa suurin osa hallituksen (kieltämättä tarpeellisista, thank you Labour!) budjettileikkauksista.

International University Audentes Student Union -

The Acting Head of IUA, Peeter Müürsepp, approved and affirmed the composition of the new Student Government on December 12, 2008 based on the proposal of the Elections Committee. The results of the elections and composition of the elected Student Government is available here.

58:61:66 -

Älymystö will perform live at Findustry 2014 in friday the 5th of September 2014. Bring on the mayhem, as this is the only show planned for 2014 – we are focusing more on composing the Magnum Opus album (which is progressing, slowly but steadily).

J.A-FASHION by AngelicaK -

She is arriving to brighten the blog, Dear Isabella, from now she will be here dividing her daily looks. Welcome, baby ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Está chegando para abrilhantar o blog, a querida Isabela, a partir de já ela estará aqui dividindo seus looks diários.  Seja bem vinda querida! ISABELA Dior (VOYAGE): choker X³ (vgnails) : skirt YSL (by Isabela ): shoes Isabela : belt VOYAGE ...

Finnish language courses in Oulu - Suomen kurssit Oulussa -

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE  has a very useful site Selkouutiset for those who know already some Finnish but would like to widen their vocabulary and practice to understand language that is used in news. You can now listen to broadcasts in plain Finnish with simplified language in slow speed on internet. Service includes also texts and listening comprehension exercises.  Win in Weekly Quiz and receive a price from YLE Gift Shop!

Turku- kulttuurin kehto -

The Culture is flourishing in Turku - or is it?The only independent filmteather in Turku is closing its door by the end of the year. It means that also the film clubs and screenings of Finnish Film Archive are after that without a place where gather an have screenings.Turku used to be "a cinema city" having vivid filmculture scene: in Finnish film studies they used to speak about "school of Turku

Negatiivarit -

Take caution each time putting in recent buddys, use take great pride plenty on your own information will not put it all out presently there, only decide to put find out what you definitely feel is a good idea and even important and vital. E-mail addresses or accounts are usually the next great approach to maintain everyone. The main here's for a large number of variance accounts as you possibly can and try never to use a matching one multiple. This tends to limit often the Academic...

Katwalk -

No se Talonmieshän se siinä. Maailman rumimmat kuvat taas, mutta edelleenkään ei oo kameran vika kun naama on kiero. Mites nää asukuvat feat Alepa-kassi. No niin. Olihan mulla asiaakin. Kiinteistökuningatar Katja muuttaa bloginsa ihan uusiin sfääreihin. Mihin? Se vielä on salaisuus, koska saitilla on pienet rempat kesken. Mutta sanoisin, stay tuned .. Jos jo ennen Juhannusta :)))) ps. noi balleriinat on nyt siirtyneet hautausmaalle. Kestikö edes kuukautta, eivätpä tainneet :/

rimada -

THIS IS A GOOD DAY FOR US..we are having our first magazine interview ;D and we are sooooooo exciteed about it! with love riikka -rimada-

Finnsanity - kulttuurikritiikkiä -

     NEWSWEEK: Now Mattis admits there was no evidence Assad used poison gas on his people Then why did Trump launch a missile strike against the Shayrat airbase in Syria? NEWSWEEK.COM Johanna Aikkila   Newsweek kirjoittaja Ian Wilkie on kansainvälinen lakimies, Usa:n armeijan veteraani ja entinen intelligence community contractor. Ian Wilkie kirjoittaa kuinka Yhdysvaltojen puolustusministeri Mattis totesi, että USA:lla ei ole todisteita siitä, että S yyrian hallitus olisi käyttänyt...

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