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hanna's nest -

Today I gave a speech about entrepreneurship and my own story of how did I get here at my old University of Applied Sciences HAAGA-HELIA . I want to share the story and my thoughts on entrepreneurship here too but meanwhile I want you to listen to this TED Talk . Inspirational, funny and thought provoking - enjoy and get inspired!

Construction Data -

I know quite many architects. Some professionally, some personally. There are even some in my family. Many times I’ve been wondering what are the best qualities for a modern successful architect. Here are some of my thoughts. You tell me how it’s really is? Artist. Is is vital to be creative and individual? Yes, I believe so. […]

Ompeluseura Solmu -

Nyt tulee posti "yleisön pyynnöstä". Kirkkokahvilla tuli puheeksi harjoituspohjat, ja kerroin että olen saanut ystävältäni paperisten harjoituspohjien ohjeen, mutten ole sitä vielä (kahden vuoden aikana) ehtinyt testata. Jaan nyt ohjeen, kertokaa ihmeessä minullekin kuinka se toimii! Tarvitset näitä: sileää akavarellipaperia, halpakin käy kananmuna väkiviinaetikkaa (siis ei valkoviinietikkaa) teippiä pahvialustoja sähkövatkain kulho sieni leveä sivellin Pignota arkit...

BLOGitse -

Hi everyone! Are you back on track after long weekend? I am. Done this and that. I did sew that blackout curtain – it really works!   I follow several artists on youtube. It’s so inspiring to see how they create their works… •   This creature is for Paint Party Friday     Here’s […]

BLOGitse -

    Hi everyone!   Aah, spring – I love this time of the year! Blackbirds are singing like crazy! and loud!     I don’t sing but I draw.

/personal -

Libertadores Ambulantes, originally uploaded by Marcel Caram. As a designer, or a musician, is it better to try to avoid your mannerisms, or to try to exploit your mannerisms? Continuously trying to break away from your mannerisms, your habitual style, is really hard. It’s trying to tackle the problem of “creating something new”. There will […]

BLOGitse -

    that’s what my week has been… This watercolor painting is for   Paint Party Friday   I got inspiration from a youtube video   ‘trees in pink’   a detail of it       For Theme Art challenge April 2018 ‘creativity’   This time I used     Teemataiteen luovuus pääsee valloilleen […]

Sikiini - Shiny, cool and inspiring design. And stuff. -

Walee.com . Good way to start a new year. Sikiini - inspiring stuff.

Sikiini - Shiny, cool and inspiring design. And stuff. -

@ WormWorldSaga.com Sikiini - inspiring stuff.

Sikiini - Shiny, cool and inspiring design. And stuff. -

Pop-ups! They're Not JUST for Kids from Bowdoin College on Vimeo . Sikiini - inspiring stuff.

Sikiini - Shiny, cool and inspiring design. And stuff. -

Sikiini - inspiring stuff.