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Mandarin stories -

June July My dear friend left to Atlanta, Georgia for the rest of the year, so I went to see her one last time in Hämeenlinna. We joined a guided tour around medieval Häme castle. After living in our new apartment for 1 year, we finally managed to finish furnituring the terrace. Had a small baby shower and showed off ultra sound and wedding pictures My little brother made Hannibal-inspired desserd Sanguinaccio dolce, which mainly includes milk, chocolate and pig blood. For some reason my...

Helsinki Vantaa Daily Photos -

Yellow theme day today happens to coincide with the start of the annual Crazy Days (Hullut Päivät) sales by Stockmann. I haven't had the chance to go to the sales today. Everyday till the 4th, the store has different items on sales. During this time, you can see people carrying a number of big yellow shopping bags. Maybe I'll try to bring you a shot of that tomorrow. Click on the link below to follow the other blogs with the yellow theme. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

BLOGitse -

  Teemakuun 2018 kesään tein omateema-kuvia padilla, siis digikuvia. Digitaalinen piirtäminen oli hauskaa, vaikeaa eikä minun juttuni. Tykkään enemmän kynästä ja paperista