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Crafts and Dreams -

Here I am again... A lot of time has passed again since my last blog update, so I'll tell you about things that also passed some time ago: my trip to Finland in August. I had actually thoguht about writing here already from Finland, I had a text in my head and all, but there was really no time for anything like that. Normally I'm busiest in Finland when I'm Helsinki and try to see everyone in the last few days, but this time I was running around all time. First due to an extra trip to Helsinki...

Any in NZ -

Our time in Finland is coming to an end, again. I feel adrift, unwilling to travel, unable to stay, unfocused with everything that I should be doing. The early summer has been the coldest in 50 years, they say. Lucky me! Finland is really trying to freeze us out. I can handle the weather though, surprisingly. It's the cold muteness that I'm still not acclimated to. I feel like an idiot trying to make eye contact with other parents in the park, co-travellers in the tram or even the cashier in...

Början av 2000-talet -

På Finlands Socialforum i Helsingfors för några veckor sedan diskuterades nättrollen i en intressant workshop. Vem är de, varifrån dyker de upp, vad kan göras för att komma åt den. Den allmänna åsikten var att de är en marginell grupp som samlar ihop varann och gör aktioner för att sprida sitt budskap (kvinnor ska lyda […]

FinnHits -

(image: copyright by Serlachius museum) Gösta’s pavilion , a multifaceted wood building, offers modern spaces for art and visitors in Mänttä, Finland. Superpop! is Serlachius Museum Gösta's main exhibition in summer 2014. The new pavilion shows the international classics of pop art side by side with the Finnish ones. Superpop! contains about 130 artworks from 23 different artists that represent pop art in many different ways. The artists of the exhibition include Jiri Geller, Damien...

Hundredpics -

Shot with my new Canon EOS 5DMarkIV. I sold my 7DMII and 5DMII, both of them with decent shutter counts and received from 7DMII 800 € and from 5DMII 600 €.  I paid from  the new one 3200 €.  Nothing has changed: camera bodies are Christmas presents and lenses are for life.

BLOGitse -

  Hi everyone!   After Finaland’s 100 yrs birthay in 6.12. we celebrate again.   8.12. is Jean Sibelius and Finnish music day.   Here’s one of my favorite Sibelius music, Finlandia.     “Finlandia, Op. 26, is a tone poem by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. It was written in 1899 and revised in […]

FinnHits -

(image from Insideoutescape / Instragram ) Insideout - the first real-life room escape game is now available in Helsinki, Finland. It's a real world adventure game which simulates online Room Escape games. In the game, 2-6 players are enclosed in their specially designed theme room. They have rack their brains to solve puzzles and collect clues to escape from the room in a race against time. More info: www.insideoutescape.com ## ## View and comment this article at http://finnhits.blogspot.com

mikroPaliskunta -

Reindeer’s hotel visit from mkk on Vimeo. Short documentary video about reindeer Paavo’s travel to Vantaa hotel.

Thomas Nybergh's notes -

Jag satt och behövde något att sysselsätta mig med häromnatten, så beslöt mig för att dela med mig några till meningslöshet generaliserade insikter jag gjort om mitt glest befolkande, lite isolerade hemland. För att förstå Finland, börja med att stilla begrunda hur lantbruk i vårt klimat med hjälp av 1800-talsteknologi är desperat kamp mot svält […]

Alexa Dagmar -

Viime vuonna tuli matkustettua kiitettävästi, sekä työn puolesta että vapaa-ajan merkeissä. Ihan huikeasti ihania kohteita ja paljon mielettömiä muistoja. Tänä vuonna suunnitelmissa on jo useita eri reissuja, eli eiköhän katsota että mitä tuleman pitää! tammikuu •Saatetaan mahdollisesti lähteä Dubaihin. Se reissu on vielä vähän auki, mutta katsotaan! Ollaan oltu siellä kahdesti aikaisemmin ja sinne tuntuu […] The post TRAVEL PLANS FOR 2018 appeared first on Alexa...

Roadside Burger Blog -

This was my first burger with a journalist from Helsingin Sanomat. He's making a story about hamburgers and I was interviewed for the article while tasting several burgers. The Kämp was opened in 1887 and it was the first luxury hotel in Helsinki. It has seen the good and the worst days of Finland from two wars to independence. The Kämp restaurants were patronised by renowned politicians, artists, composers and writers. For example, composer Jean Sibelius, writer Eino Leino and painter Akseli...

FinnHits -

Takeoff offers a highly realistic and fun experience flying a commercial airline. The Airbus A320 simulator is equal size of the real one and with high definition visual screens, realistic sounds and highly detailed cockpit guarantees an unforgettable experience.  Check out their pre-planned flight experiences from various packages, e.g. Helsinki sightseeing or world's most dangerous approaches course (including Kai Tak (Hong Kong's old airport), Innsbruck, Austria and Gibraltar).  Address...

Itinera mundi mentisque -

Let me try and revive this itinera blog, at least for a while, as there are some big ones coming shortly. I actually wanted to post this a bit earlier, but have got plenty of pretexts (such as ‘work’) not to have been able to compose an entry. This sudden, divine blogging inspiration was given by Vulcanus or Hephaestus or, if you prefer, Eyjafjalla. These musings are, of course, a bit past the momentum. How many of you still remember that volcano that erupted in Iceland and stalled air...

Hundredpics -

The main goal of our arctic tour through snowy Finland and northern Norway, the King Eider! The bird was shot from a floating hide in Båtsfjord, Varanger, Norway.

maria -

All right everyone. It's been a while. I hope you all had nice holidays and the new year is starting well. I have only seven weeks left at the day care. That's a good thing. Well, actually I kinda like it there now. Oh, I guess I didn't tell you that the bitchy director got her sorry butt fired after a couple of complaints. So, after that everything has improved a lot. Good for me. We were in Chicago right before Christmas. It was a fun little weekend trip to see old friends there. We went to...

XO -

W henever I have the time and money, I love to go travel and see my dearest friend. He lives at Tampere which is way too far but luckily close enough to visit at times. A week ago it was the last week of my holiday and I decided to use it to travel there. I just love to travel, and I mean any traveling - even domestic traveling counts. I love to sit in the train and watch the scenery pass by. Whenever it's raining it adds a certain vibe to the mood and I love it even more. This time I was...

aikakaudenydin -

bild från IL. Hemliga underrättelsedokument-läckt kom ut i går när någon har överlåtit hemliga dokument till tidningen och att det är olagligt. Information om dokument från den militära underrättelsetjänsten i Finland har läckt ut till offentligheten. Uppgifterna om hemligstämplade dokument publicerades i Helsingin Sanomat i går. En brottsutredning inleds kring denna artikel som HS publicerade

Tomorrow could be boring -

I still colour code things in my diary. A red dot means "travel or out of office". In the last few months I've been in Poole, on Dorset fields, in Finland and in London more than I've been at home...

FinnHits -

Be alarmed for auroras! Several hotels in Lapland, Finland offer 24/7 Aurora alarm systems! For example at Arctic Snowhotel guests can turn aurora alarm button "on" and in case there are northern lights in the sky, their alarm system will wake you up! Also Hotel Aurora at Luosto, Lapland offers aurora alarm system. Both hotels provide panoramic view rooms with glass ceiling and walls. And do not forget the original glass igloos at Hotel Kakslauttanen , Lapland. If you are not able to visit...

Materian ihmeellinen maailma -

In Ireland, I had to go and test the local night life, of course. I love pubs! We went to see Irish football, which is really strange because they run the ball in hands! Well, the game was Dublin vs Mayo, it seemed to be very important game to the local people. I naturally encouraged another team Mayo :'D I met a lot of new people, some of them end up being my Facebook friends. When you order ginger beer, you get this ( Ginger ale and whiskey separately ) When you have been drinking too much...

Hundredpics -

Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Every night offers  opportunities to shoot sunset pictures.

Hundredpics -

A red-legged falcon has been posing several days for photographers in Tuusula, close to Helsinki.

Antti Alanen: Film Diary -

Finlandia: gala premiere for an international diplomatic congress at Cinema Orfeon in Genova, Italy, in April 1922. An extra screening had to be arranged since a huge crowd was left waiting outdoors. Finlandia, finale of Act II: a stunning forward tracking shot from an icebreaker arriving into Helsinki. Finlandia: a salmon catch. Finlandia: lumberjacks. Finlandia (FI 1922) 120 min     ”6-näytöksinen filmi Suomen maasta ja kansasta sellaisina kuin ne ulkomaalaisille esitetään.” / [A...

improvisages -

Landscape from Helsinki, Finland. And here's the latest video I created with Yvalain . ( Juha H. )

Rakkauden Ministeriö -

This could've been a beautiful country.

Something Vague -

Katsoin hyväksyttäväksi jatkaa suoraan noiden vanhempien juttujen perään, vaikken piilotustoimintoa löytänytkään. Keskeiset teemat kuitenkin pysynevät samana: reissu, eri kulttuuri, eri kieli ja ennen kaikkea yksi elämäni ikiteemoista: unelmien toteutus. Etelä-Amerikkaan halusin aktiivisesti seiskaluokan maantiedon tunneilta, joiden aihealueena oli Latinalainen Amerikka, asti. Samana vuonna kirjoitin Iiris Hacklinin äidinkielen tunnilla aineen siitä, kuinka tahdon isona lähteä...

Matkailua Kaakkois-Aasiassa -

Wow.. it has been a long time since I wrote here last time. Heh, it's a bit funny that I wrote earlier that I will write here maybe twice a month. Huh, that just ain't gonna work. I realized that I am living here on Pulau Penang just an ordinary life. Nothing very special is going to happen that often. So I decided to forget this blog for a while. But now I am back. Why? Probably because I felt like writing something up again. I just felt like gathering my memories here a little bit. The thing...

Nihon -

I found a piece of paper in my wallet: it has a name and email address of a charming young lady we met in Kooenji during the Awa-Odori. I thought Kummari had it but I was the guilty one here. She asked us to email her. I will, I promise. During the first days in Finland I consumed huge amounts of red meat in my kitchen. While I loved the food in our favorite places in Kooenji and I did not crave for red meat in Japan I did crave for it when I returned to Finland. After heavy selecting I still...

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