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Life Between The Shoeboxes -

Such a rare treat to spend a weekend in Sydney nowadays. Deviant and I spend all our time running up and down the coast and never really get to enjoy the city life anymore.Well, this long weekend was a refreshing change.We went to see a joined album launch gig by The Snowdroppers and Nici Blue Eyes on Saturday. And I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable gig nights out I've ever

Me2Web2 -

One of the biggest phenomen during 1996 (ups, sorry meant 2006), was the breaktrough of YouTube and online video in general. For sure there are only few times in economic history that a company which only after selling its company for 1,5 billion dollars can start thinking: “Hmm, what is our business model”. YouTube is […]

Me2Web2 -

Mobile phone, or as Nokia says nowadays “Mobile Multimedia Computer, is emerging as the key device in which user-generated / -originated media content is captured. To growing extent, the portable gadget is also becoming hooked to online services without PC connection. In this, there are still many hurdles to be crossed. I decided to have […]

suzi9mm -

so my friend 'family man from espoo' was in london for business and stayed with us the weekend. all good. but the interesting part? i got a late christmas gift. he'd digitalized an old VHS video i had asked him to store years ago (when i moved abroad). now, i got back the VHS...and the content on a USB stick. what a surprise. and so awkward to see something i could vaguely remember but hadnt seen in a decade or two. the video was from a concert at my junior high school (1993), i'd rented a...

Bella-blogit -

Okei... Huhhuh mistähän sitä aloittaisi kertomaan. Koko tämän postauksen aihe oli yksinkertaisesti tulla kertomaan teille, että videoita ei enää tule, se oli