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Apertoire -

It was -24 C in Finland during my xmas holiday there but it did not prevent me from photographing. Cold weather like that just requires some preparations. The most important one for your gear is to prevent condensation. Condensation happens when cold camera is brought indoors. Fog appears on lens surfaces etc and that moist can damage your camera internals as well. Preventing condensation is simple. You need put a camera inside a plastic bag before entering indoors. Wrapping camera inside a bag...

Hundredpics -

All Lapland was nicely covered by frost some days ago when I was driving through.

Paeonia -

It's been a hell of a winter, pardon my French, but it has. There are few positive adjectives I can come to think of when describing it. It's been dark, quite warm, little snow but instead very rainy, resulting in unusually wet forests and no frost in the ground. The river running by our house is usually covered with ice in January but not this year. And since we're currently living January, the festivities of Christmas and mid winter are all behind us leaving little mental nor physical light...

Light Scrape -

View The photograph was taken on March 4th. I commuted by bicycle today. So far this year I have got 1,313 km riding the bicycle. When I got home, I cleaned the bicycle, adjusted the brake pads, and cleaned and oiled the chain. At first I also thought changing summer tires, but the weather forecast promises cold nights for next week, so I'm keeping the studded winter tires at least for the next week. (Posting title is from the poem How She Went to Ireland by Thomas Hardy.) Posted by Juha...

Light Scrape -

Fallen 1 Fallen 2 The photographs were taken at Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor are in Hyvinkää on December 28th. I commuted by bicycle today. There was snow and ice on the road, but it was not bad with the studded winter tires. The depth of snow is now 5 cm, so the landscape looks like winter. (Posting title is from the poem New Water by Sharon Chmielarz.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Desperatehell -

On Sunday morning I jumped on a bus and traveled to my favorite area of the city where I actually resided before (or really close it). It was such a beautiful and glacial weather and the trees looked dreamy. I have tried to take every moment over the beautiful nature when for once it is a decent winter. I could be photographing all the time, but obligations are calling. Tomorrow this all is probably gone if there is some belief in a forecast which promised plus degrees.   As a smart girl I...


winter solistice 21.Dec. 11.30 a.m. Every year on this day I try to go out, take some pictures and look at the sky. There´s something magical in this particular day. Love it. Talvipäivän seisaus. Joka vuosi samaan aikaan menen ulos ja otan kuvia puolenpäivän aikaan, jos mahdollista ja katselen taivasta. Tässä päivässä on jotain maagista, mie tykkään. -minh-


ugly houses look pretty in the right light

Light Scrape -

View The photograph was taken at Soidinsuo swamp in Nuuksio on April 1st. This week I have commuted through the central park in Helsinki. I had forgotten how good it feels. And today I met horses both in the morning and afternoon while riding the bicycle. During the winter one needs to go through crowded streets and stop at traffic lights in Pasila. Also, I realized today that this winter I didn't crash while riding the bicycle in slippery conditions. I installed studded winter tires quite...

Cascadeus -

Uusi vuosi, vanhat kujeet. Winter NAMM 2011 musiikki- ja matolaatikkomessut Anaheimin Työväentalolla on avattu ja esittelyssä on taas valtava määrä uuden sukupolven soittopelejä. Listaan tähän tapahtuman aikana julkistettuja uusia kiinnostavia musiikintekolaitteita ja -ohjelmistoja. Akai Pro SynthStation49 for iPad Akai Pro EIE I/O Akai Pro RPM3 Samson Meteor Mic   Tascam Portastudio for iPad Numark NS6 Numark iM1 Numark iM9 Numark DJ 2 GO Numark NDX800 Numark iDJ App for iPad Numark...

Yes. No. Maybe. -

My everyday winter outfit; The scarf, GT , the coat, Topshop , the bag, Weekday and the shoes, DinSko . Hahah, I love the shirt (stolen from my brother)! And the bread! I've been in a park, in a forest, at our backyard and at our kitchen, as you see! Funny how this life leads me to different places, what the hell am I talking about? I really have nothing to say, other than Rémi Gaillard, I love you and now I will watch Sweeney Todd. I HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET, IT'S THE FIRST TIME, HOW EXCITING IS...

Romuluksen höpötykset -

Vapun kolean sään kunniaksi piti tehdä yksi joulukorttikin... Tällä osallistun Winter Wonderlandin haasteeseen, jossa aiheena oli tässäpä tulee tytöt ! Jotenki multa ei meinaa luonnistua joulukorttien teko näin keväällä... ;) This weeks challenge in Winter Wonderland was here come the girls ! Feels funny making christmascards in spring, but it´s never too early to begin making them :)

Illinkillin ihmettelyt -

Viimeistelytehdas yrittelee yskähdellen käynnistyä pitkästä aikaa. Sain nimittäin tehtyä valmiiksi tämän Bent Creekin Winter Row:n vihdoin ja viimein valmiiksi. Eihän tämä ehtinytkään pölyttyä laatikossa kuin reilut kaksi vuotta ... Mä oon ihan surkea viimeistelemään, jos mulla ei ole paperilla ylhäällä jotain deadlinea!!! Argh. Seuraava uudenvuodenlupaus voisi olla jotain tyyliin "en aloita uutta ennen kuin edellinen on viimeistelty". (Huoh, ei taida onnistua.) Tai sitten...

Ruska -

Yes, we do other things than just watch telly, but this pic with Foster Dad, younger foster bro, and myself was too good to pass. We were all very cumfy considering it's only a two-seater. Check out the yawn on my foster brother's face! Ruska

Materian ihmeellinen maailma -

Op: Innocelt World Under dress: Handmade Shoes: Pennangalan Bag: Top Vintage Jewelry: Alchemy Gothic Coat: Fan+Friend Headdress: Alice and the Pirates

Kriton Music -

This actually came out last in the end of last year, but let's share it here to celebrate 2018 and the coming winter. Kriton Music Blog Straight Outta Helsinki, Baby!

Sari knitting and stitching -

Jippijee. Victoria samplerin Winter box -saksikoriste on nyt viimeistelty ja valmis. Tykkään! Tämä on kuudes valmistunut ristipistohassutustyö. Myös neulatyynyn pistelyosuus on valmis, mutta itse laatikko on vielä ihan alkutekijöissään. Sakset ovat Elizabeth I -sakset Violariumista . Yippee. I finished the Winter box scissors fob from Victoria Sampler and I really really like it! I have stitched the pincushion too, but not finished yet. Box is still just in the beginning. This is...

Materian ihmeellinen maailma -

Sometimes it´s hard to wear Lolita in Finland ^^ But I wanted to try my new Gothic Arch Print Skirt from Moitie. My outfit: Coat, Bag, Skirt, Headdresses, Earrings, Necklase, Brooch: Moi meme Moitie Fur collar: Secondhand Vest: Angelic Pretty Blouse: Red Queens Black Legion Shoes: Pennangalan

Light Scrape -

Swamp 1 Swamp 2 The photographs were taken at Oittaa on December 26th. Almost all snow has melted away. There was a little bit of ice left on the road in the morning, so the studded winter tires were useful when commuting by bicycle. So far this year I have got 334 km riding the bicycle. (Posting title is from the poem Is My Team Ploughing by A. E. Housman.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

Blogger: Sisältövaroitus -

Huh huh, olipa "back 2 work"-päivä. Tylsää, kuin mikään, onneksi mua piristi pieni H&M paketti, missä tilasin kaikkea kivaa, ja pidin siitä vain muutaman kappaleen. Laitanpa oikein kuva tänne, ettei homma menee ihan tylsyyden puolelle :) Ihanan kesäisen mekon (kuvassa). Sää alkaa muuttua kammottavaksi. Sen lisäksi, että on pimeää, Räntä tuulee JOKA suunnasta , eri nopeudella. Liukasta joka nurkan takaa..KYLMÄ ja MÄRKÄÄ! Tälläistäkö on sitten seuraavat 7kuukautta...

Jack Honest -

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Light Scrape -

Road The photograph was taken on January 7th. I repaired the bicycle yesterday evening, and commuted by bicycle today. It was slippery, and the studded winter tires were crucial. (Posting title is from the poem Chaplinesque by Hart Crane.) Posted by Juha Haataja at http://lightscrape.blogspot.com/

XO -

W henever I have the time and money, I love to go travel and see my dearest friend. He lives at Tampere which is way too far but luckily close enough to visit at times. A week ago it was the last week of my holiday and I decided to use it to travel there. I just love to travel, and I mean any traveling - even domestic traveling counts. I love to sit in the train and watch the scenery pass by. Whenever it's raining it adds a certain vibe to the mood and I love it even more. This time I was...

eTraders Place -

Spend the cold winter in the Re-ment Moomin Warm House . With delicious foods and everything under one roof, this will be a warm winter.    

M -

STAR-PUNCHED PAPER HURRICANES Hurricane vases and votive candleholders can be wrapped in star-punched paper in the colour of your choice--an easy means to suffuse your wedding with heat. KNITTED RING PILLOW Impart warm and fuzzy sentiments to a wedding rings by resting them on a sweater-like cushion. TREE WEDDING FAVORS Spruce up your reception, the favor table, along with the earth. These presents not only celebrate the season, but also signify love growing and becoming stronger with time...

Emmi Lemström / Graphic Design, Illustration -

Kukkilintu -

We have had incredibly snowy and cold winter in southern Finland this year. So I have had my fair share of knitting in the living room while it's been snowing outside. The newest bag is called Spring as we are really quite desperate for spring in Finland! My husband has spend a lot of time trying clear the routes from the snow. This photo shows how our little garden is filled with the snow. We even had to take some snow from the roof so that it does not get too heavy. Our youngest dog Cosmo...

Alien2nrs – auto blogi -

It's been snowing for 2 days now, at least in Helsinki Finland... I got a video from my friend up north. Check out the latest film from the Riders Of Cold Kingdom -crew aka R.O.C.K. from Sodankylä (War Village) Finland. View the film full here: The Dream More info of the sled crew: R.O.C.K.

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